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Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast

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Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast - A forum for conversations on collaborations at NYU Gallatin, hosted by KC Trommer

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Episode One: Overflow

For this, our first episode, host KC Trommer speaks with Gallatin faculty member Eugenia Kisin and Gallatin senior Anna Van Dine about Overflow, an exhibition that was shown in The Gallatin Galleries in the summer of 2019. The curation of Overflow was unusual in that Kisin and her fellow curators, Kristy Robertson, and Keith Miller, collaborated with students from Kisin’s “Art of the Anthropocene” course to curate and mount the show.

Recorded in September 2019 at Studios at Stern

Show Notes

Eugenia Kisin

Anna Van Dine

"Art of the Anthropocene"

Museum for Future Fossils

Episode Two: Einstein's War

“We like to forget how hard it is to do science and how it could have been different. A simple story of science seems more true, more convincing.”
–Matthew Stanley, Einstein’s War

Our second episode is a conversation with Matthew Stanley, professor of the history of science at Gallatin and author of the 2019 book Einstein's War: How Relativity Triumphed Among the Vicious Nationalism of World War I. Stanley talks with host KC Trommer about the collaboration between Einstein and British astronomer AE Eddington that helped change our understanding of the universe.

Recorded in August 2019 at NYU Gallatin

Show Notes
Matthew Stanley
AE Eddington
NYU News: "Einstein's Greatest Idea Only Made It Out of Germany Thanks to a Pacifist English Astronomer"
Mileva Marić
Fritz Haber
What the If?

Episode Three: George Shulman

“What's thrilling about teaching, what's exciting about teaching, and always satisfying about teaching, is that you are involved in people discovering their own intellectual and imaginative capacity. And it's an incredible thing to witness." –George Shulman

In our third episode, KC speaks with scholar and political theorist George Shulman about his teaching at Gallatin, the history of the School, the ways in which speech and political theory are forms of storytelling, as well as his teaching with the Prison Education Program, the enduring appeal of Moby Dick–and the dangers of the political moment we are living through.

Recorded in December 2019 at Stern Studios.

Show Notes
George Shulman
NYU Prison Education Program
"The ship could sink."

Episode Four: 4th Wave

"One of the advantages that anyone in the creative arts has is having the muscle to kind of shake yourself out of routines and to remain an eternal student." --Kwami Coleman

For our fourth episode, host KC Trommer speaks with musician and Gallatin faculty member Kwami Coleman and alumna Rosie K (BA ’08) about 4th Wave, the Gallatin Summer Music Intensive, for a discussion about collaboration, improvisation, and music-making. Recorded in August 2020.

Show Notes
Kwami Coleman
Rosie K

4th Wave Playlist 2019:

Ethan First, Jack Helfrich, Erica Mancini
“Mason Of The Corpulent” by Pazgeek

Saransh Desai-Chowdhry

Jack Helfrich
“I'm Trapped in my Car” by Meuthazorxd

Ethan First

Erica Mancini
“Le Rossignol”

Henry Sheeran
“on the stairwell, we just fought ft. my curious dog”

Breezy Smoak