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Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast

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Criss Cross: The NYU Gallatin Podcast - A forum for conversations on collaborations at NYU Gallatin, hosted by KC Trommer

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Episode One: Overflow

For this, our first episode, host KC Trommer speaks with Gallatin faculty member Eugenia Kisin and Gallatin senior Anna Van Dine about Overflow, an exhibition that was shown in The Gallatin Galleries in the summer of 2019. The curation of Overflow was unusual in that Kisin and her fellow curators, Kristy Robertson, and Keith Miller, collaborated with students from Kisin’s “Art of the Anthropocene” course to curate and mount the show.

Recorded in September 2019

Show Notes

Eugenia Kisin

Anna Van Dine

"Art of the Anthropocene"

Museum for Future Fossils