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Governance + Committees

Gallatin School Committees 2017-2018

Executive Committee Members

Curriculum Committee

  • Hallie Franks, Chair of Curriculum
  • Millery PolynĂ©, Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Eugene Vydrin, Writing
  • Kristin Horton, Arts
  • Greg Erickson, Interdisciplinary Seminars
  • Karen Hornick, Graduate Program
  • Ethan Harkness
  • Valerie Forman (Fall)
  • Mary Witty, Ex Officio


Advisement and Policies Committee

  • Matt Stanley (Fall), Ngina Chiteji (Spring), Chair
  • Pat McCreery, Associate Dean of Students
  • Amy Spellacy, Director of Advising
  • Ngina Chiteji (regular member, Fall)
  • Anne De Witt (Fall)
  • Nina Katchadourian (Fall)
  • Jacob Remes
  • Eve Meltzer (Spring)
  • Celeste Orangers, Ex officio