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What is KACE?

KACE K1100 Management Appliance by Dell/KACE® is a hardware and software inventory management tool employed school-wide at NYU Gallatin, primarily to automate and expedite the process of software updates. More information on this appliance can be found from the KACE website.

Why is Gallatin using KACE?

KACE provides numerous benefits such as an automated and expedited process of software updates, license management, software management/distribution, inventory management, remote support, and better enforced security. Recent global ransomware incidents have demonstrated the importance of timely operating system patches.  

Key Features:

  • Inventory – Automatically collect information about desktop and notebook computers.
  • Software Distribution – Remotely install software on included machines, with or without the owner’s interaction.
  • OS and Software Patching – Push patches for latest computer operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10; Mac OS X 10.7 and above; and major popular applications such as Mozilla Firefox, the Adobe Flash Plugin, and Java.
  • Reporting – Consolidate, analyze, and sort any information gathered on included machines, as well as any manually tracked information.
  • Scripting – Push scripts to any included machines, regardless of OS, and view ‘immediate’ results.

What benefits will I see as an end user?

Users will experience faster technical support from IT, more efficient and automated patch management via KACE, better remote IT support, and fewer OS support-related issues.
IT technical support will be able to diagnose your computer issues and fix the problem more quickly and easily based on the data collected from the computer via a web-based console.

What type of data does the KACE client collect from my computer?

The KACE agent collects information that is accessible through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) on Windows devices or the System Profiler on Macintosh devices. The following is a partial list of information collected from university-owned computers with the KACE Agent installed.

Computer Hardware Inventory
Make, model, serial/service tag number
Physical specifications such as CPU, RAM memory, hard disk size
Network configuration such as Ethernet MAC address, IP address
Computer Software Inventory
Operating system version and patch level
Install programs and versions as listed in ‘Add/Remove Programs’
Software license compliance (i.e. metering for per-seat and concurrent-use license agreements)
Computer Security Inventory
Last logged on user
Security patches applied/missing
Change management information (i.e. dates/times when hardware/software changes were reported by the KACE client).

Who will see the data and where is it stored?

The data will be seen by the the Gallatin Helpdesk team and reports with aggregated data may be periodically presented to IT senior management for review and actions.
The data is stored on a secure database within the Dell KACE K1000 appliance on university premises and only authorized personnel will be able access the asset database.

Can KACE or the KACE administrator see the name of my files or the contents?

No, KACE does not have the abilities.

Does my computer have KACE agent Installed?

If your device was procured by Gallatin IT on or after June 1, 2017 the KACE agent is installed.  

The KACE client is not licensed for use on personally-owned computers. Gallatin currently installs KACE on both laptop and desktop computers used by faculty and staff, as well as classroom, meeting room, lab, lounge, and kiosk machines.

Under what circumstances could my computer lose the KACE connection?

The KACE connection will always be on when the computer is in use by an user (i.e. with user keyboard interaction and mouse movement)
The KACE connection stays on when the screen saver has been turned on
The KACE connection will be disconnected when the computer is in sleep mode.

Will I notice the KACE agent running on my machine?

Generally: no, the agent does not use many resources and runs in the background by itself. Users will not notice any performance issues as the agent scan runs in the background and the scan is not intrusive to the end user. However, if software or operating system updates are pushed to your computer you may see a dialog box alerting you to this.

What would happen if / when the KACE administrator pushes out software to my computer?

If / when the KACE administrator pushes out software to your computer, you will see a KACE dialog box appear at the lower right hand screen. Depending on the nature of the software, users may be given the option to delay (snooze) the installation. However, users will certainly be given the option when s/he would like to reboot the computer (if needed).

What would happen when KACE pushes out security /application patches to my computer?

The KACE agent will periodically notify you when critical operating system or application updates / patches needed and alert you before downloading and installing those updates. When KACE pushes out security patching to your computer and if rebooting is required to complete the process, users will have the option to snooze the reboot up to 30 times. After that, a KACE system dialog box (similar to the one below) will immediately appear. DO NOT hit the OK button (this is the only button in the box) unless and until you are ready for the reboot. This box will stay on for 1440 minutes (1 day). If OK is not clicked in 1440 minutes, your computer will be rebooted in 1 day automatically.

Below are the dialog box set parameters:
Time-out interval: 1440 minutes (1 day)
Number of re-prompts: 30
Re-prompt interval: 1440 minutes (1 day)

Will KACE scan any storage connected to the computer (flash drives or hard disks)?

The K1000 will report in Computer Inventory the presence of all drives attached to a computer, but only during the scheduled inventory scan. (Default is every 2 hours.)

Which type of operating systems are supported by KACE?
Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Mac OSX 10.5 – 10.12
Linux (not support by Gallatin IT)


For more information regarding Dell KACE please contact the Gallatin Helpdesk at or 212-998-9157.