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Professor George Shulman advising student Anna Duensing

Professor George Shulman advising student Anna Duensing

Academic advising is central to the life of a Gallatin student. Gallatin's unique educational philosophy and structure requires students to develop individualized concentrations under the guidance of Gallatin advisers.

All Gallatin students have at least two assigned advisers: a faculty adviser, who serves as an intellectual mentor to guide students as they navigate disciplines and departments in forging interdisciplinary concentrations; and a class adviser, who provides support to a cohort of students, fostering a sense of community among students as they pursue individualized programs of study. Some students, such as those transferring from other schools, benefit from the guidance of two cohort advisers: the transfer student adviser who guides the student through the transition into Gallatin, as well as a second class adviser who connects the student with others at the same stage in their progress toward the degree.

Students are responsible for cultivating the productive advising relationships necessary for the completion of degree requirements. All Gallatin students reflect on their academic goals and intellectual growth in consultation with their primary faculty advisers by completing the Plan of Study every semester before registration. Undergraduate students are expected to complete the Intellectual Autobiography and Plan for Concentration (IAPC) in the sophomore year after extensive conversations with a primary faculty adviser about integrating fields of interest and academic goals. Then, beginning in the junior year, undergraduate students build on the IAPC to prepare for the senior Colloquium, a capstone requirement completed under the direction of the student’s primary faculty adviser. Gallatin’s graduate students work closely with primary faculty advisers on all aspects of the Master’s Thesis process, from the development of the topic, enrollment in supporting coursework, proposal writing, review and defense.


Primary Faculty Adviser

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Class Adviser

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MA Program Advising

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See bios and contact information below for First-Year Class Adviser Yevgeniya Traps; Sophomore Class Adviser Cyd Cipolla; Junior Class Adviser Matthew Gregory; Senior Class Advisers Meredith Theeman and Benjamin Brooks; Transfer Class Adviser Joshua Shirkey; and Assistant Dean of Advising Amy Spellacy.

Gallatin's Office of Academic Advising

1 Washington Pl., 5th Floor M-F 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Class Advisers hold extensive office hours so that students may come with questions on a walk-in basis.

To meet with a specific adviser, e-mail the adviser to schedule an appointment.


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