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Senior Class E-mail Archive

Emails are sent to everyone in the senior class periodically. These messages always contain timely and important information for those students planning to graduate during the current academic year. In order to make sure that students have access to this information even if a message is accidentally deleted from the inbox, the archive is constantly updated!


Thursday we will celebrate your accomplishments at the annual Senior Toast. Join your friends and classmates as we toast fall graduation for some, the end of the semester for all, and other senior accomplishments.


NYU Torch Club

Thursday, December 11, 2014


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So we’ll have enough bubbles on hand!

Seniors! I am thankful for all of your hard work and dedication to your academic goals. A few notes as we enter the holiday weekend:

Please take a moment to look at your academic requirements report through Albert’s Student Center now that you have registered for classes. This handy tool is available through the drop down menu on the left side of the screen…24/7...so that you can always check on your requirements.

Will you reach the 128 credit minimum for graduation with your class selections? Are all of your Gallatin core and foundation requirements going to be fulfilled? Are there any things on the report that don’t make sense to you? (If so, be in touch with your questions).

The next review cycle is Monday, December 1. We are looking forward to lots of submissions prior to the winter break. For those of you working toward this deadline, make thoughtful revisions and edit with a keen eye!

Senior Project proposals
Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors (fall graduation candidates only)
Independent Studies & Tutorials

Thursday, December 11th is our time to lift a glass to the semester’s accomplishments. Mark your calendars for this annual senior celebration!

If you are planning to graduate in May, don’t forget to apply for graduation!

Usually I encourage you to work hard and be in touch….but over the holiday weekend I encourage you to rest and be thankful (and then we’ll get back to work!).


Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 12:00-2:30 | W 2:30-5:00

Good news! Halloween treat! The upcoming November 1 submission cycle lands on a Saturday…so you can take the weekend and submit on Monday! It’s great to see submissions rolling in this week – I’m cheering for you during the drafting and editing process!

• Wednesday, November 12, 12:00 - 1:00 in room 801
• Friday, November 21, 2:00 - 3:00 in room 601
• Thursday, December 4, 12:30 - 1:30 in room 601
• Friday, December 5, 3:00 - 4:00 in room 401

with Professors Keith Miller, Rahul Hamid, and Selma Thompson
Monday, November 3, 4:00 - 5:00 in Kimmel Center 909

Gallatin's Office of Advising is piloting special hour-long colloquium preparation workshops this semester that will give juniors and seniors the chance to meet Gallatin faculty with expertise in some specific interdisciplinary areas. In these workshops, students and faculty will discuss topics relating to the Colloquium such as compiling interdisciplinary booklists, crafting viable Colloquium topics, and drafting Rationales. If you have a concentration that aligns with one or more of the fields listed below, please attend!

Three quick tips that may help you to lead a strong colloquium conversation:
• Map it. Can you draw connections between your central theme/question and the texts on your list?
• Talk about it. Practice speaking about your texts. Enlighten your roommates, plants, pets… so that you are comfortable converting the ideas in your head to smooth sentences in front of your committee. You can also drop by my office hours for a quick practice session on a text.
• Make connections. Put authors and ideas in conversation with one another. What might the Renaissance scholar on your list have to say to one of the modern historian? Does a Greek philosopher approach one of your central questions in the same way as modern theorist?

Need help developing your rationale and booklist in time for the December 1 review cycle? Please speak with your adviser – and know that you are welcome to drop by my office hours too.

Work hard and be in touch,

Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 12:00-2:30 | W 2:30-5:00

Seniors! I hope that you enjoyed a bit of rest during the oh-so-quick fall break. A few thoughts to help you represent, prepare, inspire, and think ahead.

We need your help in representing the Senior Class! Be a Senior Class Representative!
-Your responsibility is to attend the CAB '15 meeting
-Must be available Mondays 7:00-8:00
-Monday meetings can alternated between multiple representatives
-This is a low-time commitment position
-Will look great on your resumé as an official member of Gallatin Senior Student Council
Interested? Please send an email to both co-presidents Gaby Garcia (gcg248@nyu.edu) and Julie Pitter (jsp462@nyu.edu) with your availabilities.


Congratulations to those of you who submitted for the September and October rationale review cycles! There are A LOT of seniors who will be joining in this collective sense of accomplishment after the upcoming November 1 deadline. Please make sure that you are working closely with your adviser to develop rationale and booklist drafts and/or prepare for an upcoming colloquium.


I know that you have developed some fantastic ideas and pieces of work through your classes and other endeavors. There are a number of ways to share your ideas with Gallatin and the broader community:

Confluence | Gallatin’s online platform for student writing, art, and research. Write a fantastic paper? Finish an inspiring project? Confluence could be the right place to share your effort! Rolling submission…for more information email allyson.paty@nyu.edu

Senior Symposium | This annual spring event showcases big ideas coming from your concentrations and colloquia. This year 8-12 seniors will present Ted-style talks to the community. Be on the lookout for more information about proposals!

GAF | The annual Gallatin Arts Festival showcases exemplary work across many media. Be on the lookout for information about this Spring event.

The Gallatin Review | Open submissions for poetry, prose, and art through November 21st!


There are a host of useful opportunities regarding post-graduation plans available to you through Wasserman. Here are four upcoming events that have particularly Gallatin foci….

1. Arts Professions Panel
Wednesday, October 21st 12:30- 1:30 @ Wasserman
Finding a job in the art, design, and entertainment industries can be overwhelming. This panel will provide you with resources and tips to get started.

2. Non-Profit Boot Camp: Skills to Change the World Conference
Application deadline is Tuesday, October 21
Friday, November 14 | 9:00-5:00 | 133 East 13th Street
The NYU Wasserman Center has teamed up with Morgan Stanley to provide students with an exciting non-profit career exploration conference designed to debunk myths and explore the realities of working in the non-profit world. An application is required, please apply through NYU CareerNet using Job ID 930026.

3. Marketing Your Gallatin Degree
Friday, October 31st, 12:30-1:30 @ Wasserman Presentation Room B
Your Gallatin experience has exposed you to a wide-range of interdisciplinary topics and skills. Come eat pizza and learn how to:
- Market these skills to potential employers
- Talk about your Gallatin degree in interviews and while networking
- Tailor your Gallatin story to different types of employers and positions

4. Dining for Success (For Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students)
Thursday, November 6, 5:30-8:00
The Smith | 55 Third Avenue, between 10th and 11th Streets
Mastering interviewing skills is hard enough, but what about when your interview is over a meal? Don’t let your dining etiquette stand in the way of getting the job! Join NYU Recruiters from Ernst & Young, PwC, AOL, Peace Corps and more to practice these skills over a three course meal!


Let Albert know that you are planning to graduate with the spring cohort by applying for graduation! You must be on the graduation list to earn your degree and be invited to the May ceremonies.

Work hard and be in touch!

Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 12:00-2:30 | W 2:30-5:00


Everyone needs help developing ideas and planning for the colloquium so put yourself in a knowledgeable position. Participate in one of the upcoming colloquium workshops on October 9 and 10th, plan with your adviser, read the website, listen to the workshop podcast, and/or meet with the senior class adviser during office hours. Head to the senior class website for information!

The October 1st review cycle deadline is fast approaching and we are receiving a lot of submissions! If you submit your adviser approved rationale and booklist by October 1st, you’ll be on track for fall graduation, submitting a Senior Project proposal later in the semester, and/or completing your colloquium this semester. If you need a few more to develop your ideas with your adviser, we encourage you to plan for the next review cycle - November 1st.

Finishing your requirements at the end of the fall semester or the January term? If so, please make sure that your “expected date of graduation” on Albert notes “fall 2014”. Also, make sure to apply for graduation …by no later than October 3rd! Log onto ALBERT and select Graduation Application under the Academic Records menu. To apply, confirm or update your graduation application, click the “View My Graduation” status link located at the “Graduation” section under the “My Academics” tab on Albert.

Planning to earn a May 2015 BA? Does your “expected date of graduation” note “spring 2015”? On October 6th you’ll be able to log onto Albert and apply for graduation!

Thursday, October 6| 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Hear from marketing and advertising trailblazers and learn how to focus your passion and sell your talents - and your Gallatin degree - and discover what it takes to be a 21st century Don Draper. This lively panel discussion will be moderated by Professor Stephen Duncombe and followed by a reception.

The Gallatin Senior Student Council is looking for some Senior Class Representatives. A few things to know as you consider your interest: SCRs must be available Mondays 7-8; Monday meetings can be split amongst more than one representative, so not one representative has to attend a meeting every Monday; responsibilities include attending CAB '15 meeting, emailing Gallatin Senior Student Council with meeting minutes, and representing the views of Gallatin Senior Student Council at meetings; low-time commitment position-could be as little as 2 hours plus 2 emails a month; and being a SCR will look great on your resumé as an official member of Gallatin Senior Student Council.

Please send an email to co-presidents Gaby Garcia (gcg248@nyu.edu) and Julie Pitter (jsp462@nyu.edu) regarding your interest.

Working in an unpaid internship this semester? Applications for the Wasserman Center Internship Grant are due next week. This is a $1,000 grant for students pursuing non-paying internships in the arts, education, public services, not-for-profits, and within other industries that do not traditionally pay their interns. It's easy to apply!
• Log in to your NYU CareerNet account and enter Job ID #927342 as the keyword
• Submit your Resume, and the attached Application and Supervisor Authorization Form
• Complete the required NYU CareerNet Survey
The deadline is September 30, 2014 at 11:59PM EST. Decisions will be announced by October 30, 2014. For complete details, visit NYU CareerNet Job ID #927342 or contact wassermaninternshipgrant@nyu.edu

You’ll find a host of interesting events upcoming…be sure to look at the Gallatin Events Calendar for details. There is likely an event on the calendar that speaks to an area of your concentration.

Happy new year to many of you!

Work hard and be in touch -
Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 12:00-2:30 | W 2:30-5:00


SENIORS! Glad to hear that you are settling into your fall classes. A few quick notes to keep you on top of things....

The majority of you have been in touch with your primary faculty advisers regarding senior year planning. Make sure that you and your adviser have agreed on a timeline to develop your rationale and booklist, and to prepare for the colloquium. You should also talk about graduation timing, academic requirements remaining, applying for the Senior Project, post-graduation funding, and post-graduation plans. Planning early in the semester often helps to avoid stress!

Today is the last day to add/drop classes without penalty. Double check your schedule to make sure that you are registered for all of the classes that you are attending.

September 23rd from 6:00-7:00
Draw inspiration from recent Gallatin alumni who work in the film industry and hear firsthand about how to turn your love of film into a life in the Biz. Moderated by Associate Faculty member Rahul Hamid. Panelist include: Lisa Bass (BA ‘ 10) Marketing and Delivery Coordinator at Magnolia Pictures, Ali Herting (BA '12) Acquisitions at A24 Films, and Chelsey Pinke (BA '10) Production Executive, Likely Story. A screening of Obvious Child will follow the panel discussion at 7:00.

Apply for a Wasserman Center Internship Grant! The deadline is September 30th. Are you pursuing a non-paying internship at a not-for-profit organization or within an industry that does not traditionally pay interns (arts, entertainment, media, nonprofit, education, etc.) this fall? Apply today using Job ID 927342!

October 1st is the next rationale and booklist review cycle. If you submit your adviser approved rationale and booklist by October 1st, you’ll be on track for fall graduation, submitting a Senior Project proposal later in the semester, and/or completing your colloquium this semester.

Everyone needs help developing ideas and planning for the colloquium so put yourself in a knowledgeable position. Participate in one of the upcoming colloquium workshops, plan with your adviser, read the website, listen to the workshop podcast, and/or meet with the senior class adviser during office hours. Head to the senior class website for information!

Finishing your requirements at the end of the fall semester or the January term? If so, please make sure that your “expected date of graduation” on Albert notes “fall 2014”. Also, make sure to apply for graduation through Albert…by no later than October 3rd!

I hope that you are stretching your legs between classes and enjoying the sunny fall weather. Getting outside for a few minutes is an easy way to re-energize!

Work hard and be in touch -
Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 12:00-2:30 | W 2:30-5:00



SENIORS! I want to touch base with a few notes prior to the busy start of term next week. You’ve probably already looked at our Senior Class Website and Email Archive, but I want to highlight a few things here so that you start the semester off in the right direction!

Please tick off the following quick tasks:
• Make sure your "expected date of graduation" in Albert's Student Center (academics tab) accurately reflects your graduation plans
• Update your contact information on Albert (so diploma will be mailed to the right place)
• Look at your Academic Requirements through Albert - know which requirements and how many credits remain to graduate
• Read up regarding Gallatin’s Dean's Award for Graduating Seniors
• Learn about academic honors including Phi Beta Kappa criteria

Connect with your primary faculty adviser to schedule a time to meet so that you can make plans for the semester. Developing the rationale and booklist, colloquium timing, possibility of a spring senior project, and checking your academic requirements should be discussed.

Add/drop ends on Monday, September 15th. Please ensure that your schedules are set before the deadline.

Make yourself aware of expectations for timing of the colloquium. Adviser approved rationales and booklists will be sent for second review on the first of the month during the academic year. Submissions for the September 1st review cycle are being collected now, and we anticipate receiving a lot of submissions for the October cycle from fall graduation candidates hoping to have a colloquium in November or December.

Plan to attend a colloquium workshop early in the semester. In fact, put a date in your calendar today!
09.25 @ 12:30 in room 527
09.26 @ 4:00 in room 501
10.09 @ 12:30 in room 527
10.10 @ 4:00 in room 527
For those who cannot attend; watch the workshop podcast available online.

To be included on the graduation list, you need to apply for graduation! Fall candidates must apply for graduation no later than October 3rd. Spring candidates can apply for graduation from October 6th through February 6th.

Theater Gallatin invites students to audition for its fall and spring productions on September 5th and 6th. Read about audition requirements, rehearsals, and how to sign up here. Theater Gallatin is a faculty-led program providing year-round opportunities for students to work collaboratively with faculty, recent alumni, and professional guest artists on mainstage productions, readings, development labs, and other events.

Wasserman is hosting special On Campus Recruitment Orientation for Gallatin and CAS students in the Silver Center at 3:30pm on September 23rd. Head to the Wasserman website for more information.

$200K Entrepreneurs Challenge | 3 Venture Competitions | Kickoff September 18th from 5:00 – 7:00 at the NYU Stern School of Business-Tisch Hall, Paulson Auditorium, 40 W. 4th St.

Not any old ideas. Ideas that challenge assumed boundaries & inspire a sense of what's possible. The Entrepreneurs Challenge provides fast-paced clinics, intense boot camps, and one-on-one coaching sessions designed to teach you the step-by- step process to build a business from the ground up. It's also an opportunity to network with other NYU entrepreneurs and be part of an entrepreneurial team. RSVP

1831 FUND
The 1831 Fund is the student-run senior class gift campaign. All money raised goes to support scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Seniors are asked to give $18.31 in honor of NYU's founding year. The class of 2014 raised the most money in the history of the Fund – over $20,000, which, with matches, will lead to $80,000 in scholarships for incoming students.

The committee will be comprised of about 40 seniors and underclassmen from all of NYU's undergraduate schools. Committee members will get their classmates excited about giving back through direct marketing, social media brand building, a student produced video, events, and grassroots style fundraising. In addition, we are seeking school-based volunteers who will work in a less formal subcommittee to encourage the participation of Gallatin students specifically. Additional information can be found on our website or facebook.

My office hours are walk-in, no appointment necessary. You’ll find me available on Mondays 12:00-2:30 and Wednesdays from 2:30-5:00. Please do drop by 517 to introduce yourself!

Work hard and be in touch,
Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Seniors! I write with good wishes on this day of celebration.

This year marks an especially significant graduation for me… I began my time at Gallatin and NYU in the Fall of 2010 like most of you. Although I advised only a handful of you for four years (Dipika, Ivana, Ryan, Tie, & Chrissy!) - hundreds of you worked with me through the challenges and triumphs of your academic careers. For allowing me to support, and occasionally cajole, you through your last year….thank you.

Navigating the complexities and nuances of Gallatin, while developing your own concentration, is no small feat. I encourage you to speak proudly of your individualized major and to practice ways of articulating the intangible skills you developed in order to complete your degree. Remember that you had to understand your options, weigh your goals, defend your decisions, and synthesize your experiences in ways that other students did not. Apply these skills, along with your tenacity, thoughtfulness, and creativity, to your future pursuits.

I speak for my colleagues in the Offices of Advising and Academic Affairs when I say that we are very proud of your academic achievements.

I’ll see you on stage!

Work hard and stay in touch,

If you have not ordered your tickets for the Gallatin graduation, now is the time to do so:

You may place new orders and update old orders until Friday April, 25, 2014.

Thursday, May 1 – Friday, May 16 from 12:00 to 6:00
Ticket Central, 566 LaGuardia Place in the Skirball Center Lobby

You will receive: 1 candidate ticket; up to 4 guest tickets; candidate and photography instructions.

Note that everyone-- including children-- must have a ticket to enter Avery Fisher Hall. Extra guest tickets are based on the total volume of ticket request. All students will be notified via e-mail by May 12 if extra guest tickets will be available for distribution.

Please be sure that you have picked up your graduation attire from Coles no later than May 20.

If you have not ordered your attire, please go to the NYU commencement web site for late order instructions:

If you have additional graduation questions, please contact: gallatin.studentaffairs@nyu.edu or 212.998.7380212.998.7380

April 21-27: Senior Week at NYU
May 12: Last day of Spring classes
May 15: Gallatin’s Graduating Students Party
May 16: Last day to complete colloquium in time for a May BA
May 20: Gallatin Graduation at Lincoln Center
May 21: NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium

Four cheers for our new Phi Beta Kappa inductees! Nihar! Christina! Caroline! James!

Congratulations to the many seniors whose work and creativity made this year’s Gallatin Arts Festival a success! I speak for the entire faculty when I say that we were very impressed!

Join the conversations at TEDxGALLATIN - this Thursday at 6:00. RSVP or come by the lobby to hear the simulcast. Inspiring talks from fellow seniors: Anthony Giambra, Daniel Seara, Rachel Brazie, Nicole Johnson, Mali Bowers, Natalie Nazarian, and Kerrin Smith.

We had a record number of DAGS proposals this year – and it was a strong field! Congrats to Alexis Lim, Sara Montijo, Daniel Zimmerman, Erika Boll, Rory Fewer, Rebecca Nathanson, Amauta Marston-Firmino, Anders Kapur, Rachel Brazie, Allison Hurley, Hannah Borenstein, Mark Putterman, and Martha O’Donovan, whose post-graduation projects were selected for funding!

Gallatin is thrilled that so many of you earned Founder’s Day Awards for your academic achievement! Congratulations!

Congratulate your fellow senior, Ashley Thaxton, who will be giving the graduation address at Gallatin Graduation!

Have questions about Gallatin Graduation and NYU Commencement? Head to Gallatin's handy Graduation Checklist for answers! The NYU Commencement website is the place for questions about Yankee Stadium tickets, academic attire, senior portraits, and more!

Gallatin has a Facebook group to allow you to trade tickets with your fellow class members. Please request membership!

May 15 @ 6:00-8:00 – Mark your calendars, RSVP, bring a friend, and raise a glass!

Work hard and be in touch!
Happy Passover, Easter, and Spring!

Seniors! It’s a busy time of year and I am impressed with how you are handling the work load as you look ahead to finals, graduation, and post-graduation plans. We’re cheering for you!

This Thursday from 3:30-5:30 in the Student Lounge you can speak with Dean Wofford regarding your thoughts on Gallatin.

Interested in having a post-graduation project funded? The Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors grants up to $2,000 for projects related to your academic work. The deadline to propose a project is April 1.

You may have received a Graduation Reminder from the NYU Registrar. If you have questions, please be in touch with me directly, if we aren’t already in communication.

Tickets for Gallatin’s graduation ceremony go live on April 1 – read through the Graduation Checklist for all the details.

At commencement you’ll be joined by a particularly inspiring group of honorees, including Janet Yellen, Mariano Rivera, Aretha Franklin, Martin Edelman, and Elana Kagan! Did you know that you can now order tickets for Yankee Stadium event through the NYU Commencement website?

LITTLE FISH a musical: March 28-30
Gallatin Arts Festival: April 7-11
TEDxGallatin: April 17
Graduation party: May 15

For those on track for a January 2015 degree, note that May 1 is the deadline for Fall 2014 Senior Project proposals. Also, registration for the Fall semester begins on April 28th!

Work hard and be in touch,

Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 9:30-12:00 TH 2:00-4:30

April 15th….but why wait? Hundreds have registered, will you be next?
If you have not submitted an adviser approved rationale and booklist for second reader review and you are hoping to earn a May degree, we’ll be expecting your submission by our upcoming March 1st deadline.

April 1! We’ve begun to receive some very interesting and well written proposals for post-graduation project funding through the Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors. What project related to your undergraduate studies might you undertake after graduation?

Our Spring calendar is packed with amazing events from the Gallatin Arts Festival to our Distinguished Faculty Lecture with Mary Kelly to TEDxGallatin. Be sure to put a few of these events on your calendar.

Questions about tickets, photos, caps & gowns, etc…? You’ll want to read through Gallatin’s handy graduation website as well as the university’s pages on Commencement. Don’t email me about tickets : ) - but do email me about academic questions concerning degree fulfillment.

What is my degree called?
You will earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Individualized Major.

How should I represent my degree on my CV/resume?
You want to accurately reflect the official degree title, make your concentration known, and open the door for conversation with admissions committees and potential employers. The Senior Class Adviser suggests something similar to:
NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study
BA Individualized Major, (minor in xx)
Individualized, interdisciplinary major in xxconcentrationxx drawing from xfield and yfield.

What is the last day to complete my colloquium in time for a May degree?
May 16th 2014 is the last day to complete the colloquium to earn a May 2014 degree. If you have yet to hold your colloquium, we encourage you to schedule it very soon and certainly well before finals!

Will I earn graduation honors?
Depending on your GPA, you may be eligible for Latin Honors, and/or a Founders’ Day Award. Read through the graduation section of the NYU Registrar website for details.

When will my degree post to my transcript?
On your transcript you’ll find the “degree awarded” notation a few weeks after graduation.

When do I get my degree?
The printing and disseminating of degrees is handled through the NYU Registrar. Make sure your permanent mailing address is correct on Albert – this is where the university will send your degree a few months after graduation.

Work hard and be in touch!



Seniors! Welcome back from a long (and cold) winter break. There are a lot of things to keep in mind this week, so let’s talk it out….

Did you pick classes that fulfill remaining requirements?
You’ll want to double check your academic requirements through Albert. Have questions? Please ask.

Is your expected date of graduation accurate?
In order to apply for a May degree, you’ll need your expected date of graduation to read “spring 2014”. If you are en route to earn a September degree, mark it as “summer 2014”.

Are you planning for an internship or private lesson this semester?
Your proposals must be submitted no later than this Friday 01.31

Did you apply for graduation?
May graduation candidates must apply for graduation by Friday, 02.07

Are you going to add/drop any classes?
If so, you need to have your classes sorted by Monday, 02.10. After this date you may be penalized for changes to your schedule. Remember to drop waitlisted classes too.

Have you been in touch with your primary faculty adviser lately?
As a senior, it’s particularly important to be in regular conversation with your primary faculty adviser. Make sure you set aside to touch base soon.

When is your colloquium?
Many of you have already sat for and completed the colloquium (phew! ). For those who have yet to set a date, it’s time! Be in touch with your primary faculty adviser about who else should join your colloquium conversation, work all together to find a time and day, and submit a registration form soon!


There are a number of important dates upcoming, but I’ve highlighted a few below that you should be aware of…

A reminder that the first OCR orientation of the semester is today at 4:00 in Silver’s Jurrow Lecture Hall, 1st Floor. It's especially for liberal arts students. Employers from an extensive variety of industries visit the Wasserman Center to interview students from the Class of 2015 for full-time summer internships and Class of 2014 for full-time positions after graduation. Attending an information session is required to participate in the On Campus Recruitment program. Additional sessions will take place at the Wasserman Center throughout the year. Students can RSVP on NYU CareerNet, or just show up.

Applications due Friday 01.31 for the 2014 GAF – this spectacular event showcases an impressive range of student work.

JGA (Journal of Global Affairs) has extended the deadline for writing and photo submissions to next Monday, 02.06, for our Spring 2014 Issue: Social and Cultural Movements. This is a great opportunity to be published. All questions and submissions should be sent to JournalOfGlobalAffairs@gmail.com

You know all about TED talks! Our TEDxGallatin showcases the amazing ideas of Gallatin seniors. The 5th annual event will feature a select group of students from the class of 2014! Their TED talks will reflect unique ideas, questions, and solutions coming from their undergraduate concentrations. Interested in sharing your ideas? Submit a 250-500 word abstract outlining your proposed talk by Monday, February 10th to mlt8@nyu.edu with “TEDxGallatin” in the subject line. If you would like to join the student organizing committee, or have questions, email meredith.theeman@nyu.edu. Mark your calendars for the April 17th event!

Join all of the NYU 2014 BA candidates in the Rosenthal Pavilion at Kimmel on Wednesday, 02.12 from 6:00-7:30 to learn more about graduation and to celebrate the start of the 100 day countdown!

This grant was established to provide financial assistance to students pursuing non-paying internships in the arts, education, public service, and not-for-profits. Visit www.nyu.edu/careerdevelopment and log in to NYU CareerNet to learn more. Under the Jobs tab, enter #910197 into the keyword selection to submit an application by February 24th.

Have a project related to your academic work that you’d like funded for post-graduation work? Applications are due by April 1 for the May 2014 award cycle. Be in touch with questions.

Thursday, May 15 – Gallatin graduating students party
Tuesday, May 20 – Gallatin Graduation at Lincoln Center
Wednesday, May 21 – NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium
More information will be sent your way in the following weeks, and the websites are very informative, so please read carefully and hang tight regarding additional ticket information!

Senior Class Adviser office hours are Mondays 9:30-12:00 and Thursdays 2:00-4:30, so drop in, without an appointment to ask questions and get answers. Other meeting times available by appointment.

Work hard and be in touch,
Meredith L. Theeman, PhD
Senior Class Adviser | Associate Faculty
NYU | Gallatin School of Individualized Study
1 Washington Place #517, New York, NY 10003
212.992.7746 | meredith.theeman@nyu.edu

Senior Class website | http://gallatin.nyu.edu/academics/advising/senior.html
Office hours | M 9:30-12:00 TH 2:00-4:30


Tomorrow from 5:00-7:00 at the NYU Torch Club on Waverly. Raise a glass to our fall graduates! Raise a glass to being a May graduation hopeful! It’s a seniors only celebration. Don’t forget your ID.


Congratulations to the following January 2014 BA recipients who were awarded a Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors to pursue post-graduation funding on a project related to their concentrations! The field of proposals was very strong this cycle.

Maya Adamczyk “Connecting Worlds - Italian translation”

Dipika Gaur “(Re)building Public Health Systems”

Talia Heiman “Work of Christopher D’Arcangelo”

Michael Ryan “Imagining Queens”

Elisa Stolman “Maeneds – Alternative Dance Music Journal”

Those planning for May graduation should keep in mind the spring 2014 DAGS proposal deadline of May 1st. If you have questions regarding proposing, stop by office hours after winter break.


Many of you have completed the colloquium in the last few weeks. Congratulations! Come by my office and add an “I did it!” note to the door collage – others will be inspired! For those of you preparing for the big day, know that I am happy to helpful practice talking about a text or to answer questions.


All January graduates will be walking the stage during the May graduation ceremonies. You will be sent instructions about invitations, tickets, and events through your NYU email, so be on the lookout next year. You can always visit the Gallatin and NYU graduation websites for information.


Work hard! Only a few days to go!


Mark your calendars for the signature Senior event…the Senior Toast! We raise glasses to those graduating this semester and to those with one semester to go! RSVP to the fancy evite. Thursday, December 12th @ 5:00-7:00 at the Torch Club.


Want to graduate in May? Make sure to apply for graduation through Albert by February 7th. Your “expected date of graduation” under the Academics section of your Albert Student Center needs to read “Spring 2014” in order to apply. Hoping to graduate in January, but you didn’t apply for the Fall graduation list? Be in touch.


Independent Study, Tutorial, Senior Project (if your rationale has been approved) and Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors (if you are a Fall graduate) proposals are all due next Monday!


So you registered for the spring…do the courses fulfill all of your outstanding academic requirements? Double check!


Rationales are rolling in for the December 1 deadline….we’ll even take them on Monday the 2nd to account for the holiday, so polish up your final edits and submit soon!


NYU Stern’s William R. Berkley Scholarship Program provides full funding to a select group of exceptional college seniors starting Stern's Full-time MBA program directly after graduation. Previous exposure to and experience with business and finance strongly preferred. Berkley Scholars receive full tuition for the two-year MBA, plus a $28,000 stipend each year for living/book expenses. You are invited to learn more about the scholarship and the Stern MBA program (lunch provided): Wednesday, December 4, 12:30-1:30pm @ 40 West 4th Street - Tisch 200


A double hit of (vintage) Adam Sandler…for those celebrating Thanksgiving and Chanukah this week! May you have a day or two of rest!

Work hard and be in touch,



First and foremost – are you cleared for registration? Have you met with your adviser to go over spring course selection? Once you’ve met, please submit your plan of study form for approval. Clearing the advisor hold takes up to two business days…and you have a Monday appointment time. Be on top of this, please…we will not be able to accommodate panicked, late minute submissions on Monday morning. Your fantastic, long awaited registration appointment time should motivate action, if it hasn’t already.

Senior Project

Proposals are due on December 1! To read more about the Senior Project head to our website. I am happy to talk through proposal drafts during office hours.

Rationale submission

Hundreds of you have submitted rationales….and many more will be submitting for the December 1 review cycle. Go! Go! Have questions? Let’s have a chat during office hours.

Colloquium workshop

Note sure what to expect during the colloquium? Join me on Wednesday, 12.04 @ 11:00 in 801 to hear more about your big day.

Senior Toast

Raise a glass to celebrate our fall graduates and the mid-point of senior year! Mark your calendars for Thursday 12.12 from 5:00-7:00 at the Torch Club!

Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors

Are you graduating in this Fall? Want post-graduation funding to complete a project related to your concentration? Submit a proposal for the DAGS by December 1!

Gallatin Research Journal

Get published! The Gallatin Research Journa is a student-run publication devoted to providing a showcase for the excellence achieved by Gallatin students in the arena of academic non-fiction work. The GRJ establishes itself as an interdisciplinary periodical that embraces the structure of Gallatin's individualized curriculum.

Students interested in submitting should provide the following information to gallatin.journal@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, November 20 (name, year, concentration, n#, title of piece, 100-200 word abstract).

Gallatin Journal of Global Affairs

Want to put those midterm papers to use? The Gallatin Journal of Global Affairs is now taking submissions for the Spring 2014 Special Issue: Social Movements and Cultural Change. They want your writing and artwork, and we take any genre ranging from research, cultural/social/theoretical analysis and criticism, fiction, poetry, personal narrative, poetry, op-ed, and photography. To submit, please e-mail work to JournalOfGlobalAffairs@gmail.com by November 25th.

Gallatin Arts Festival

Show your work! Gallatin Arts Festival 2014 Now Seeking Submissions! The annual Gallatin Arts Festival (GAF) seeks artist applications.GAF seeks proposals from artists with completed projects as well as those in development. Completed work at the time of application may be submitted at either deadline. Artist applications are due: Round I (projects in development) 12.03 and Round II (completed projects) 01.31. For more info and to apply on the Gallatin Arts Festival website.

Gallatin Distinguished Lecture Series

Thursday, 11.21 @ 6:30 in the Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Alison Bechdel, internationally acclaimed, award winning cartoonist, author of graphic memoirs Fun Home & Are You My Mother, in a freewheeling, multimedia conversation/confab with distinguished scholar Hillary Chute, author of Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics.

Seniors! I trust that you are working hard through mid-term season. A few important notes about registration, deadlines, submission cycles, application periods, candy and drinking below:


Finally you have an epic registration appointment time! Make sure it is in your calendar. Also, make sure you have an appointment on the calendar to meet with your adviser regarding spring course selection. Submit your plan of study form after communicating with your adviser, and be prepared to wait a couple of days for registration clearance. So if your registration appointment is Tuesday 11.19, you’ll want to submit your plan of study the week of November 11th. Be savvy: there are now ways to validate your course plan through Albert and smart use of the swap function can help you get into that long-awaited course.

Outstanding Requirements

Which requirements remain before you can earn your degree? I encourage a very careful look at your degree requirements, which are available through Albert. When in doubt, drop by office hours in the Advising Office. My hours are M 9:30-12:00 and TH 2:30-5:00, but all of my colleagues can help you if you can’t make those times.

Colloquium Planning

Many of you submitted rationales for review earlier this semester, and many more are preparing for the November 1 submission cycle. All seniors should be in conversation with their adviser about the colloquium now.

Graduation Application – Open Application Period for May Graduates

Does your “expected date of graduation” in Albert’s Student Center note “Spring 2014”? Then you are eligible to apply for graduation (now through 02.07.14). Once you apply for graduation you’ll be on the list for a May degree, be invited to the 2013-201 graduation ceremonies in May, and hear about graduation related activities. Everyone MUST apply. [If you are a January 2014 graduate, you’ll receive all the same information for the 2013-2014 graduation ceremonies].

Pass/Fail and Withdrawal Deadlines

Monday, November 4th is the last day to file for a pass/fail or to withdraw from a class with a W. If you are struggling in a class, you should read about these opportunities, talk with your instructor about your class standing, and speak with your advisers before making decisions. Sometimes all you need to do is re-approach the way you’ve been participating, sometimes you might benefit from exercising the pass/fail option, and under very rare circumstances you might need to withdraw. This is the week to think about these options.

December 1 Deadlines

A reminder that on December 1 the following proposals are due: Senior Project, Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors (January graduation candidates only), Independent Study for Spring semester, and Tutorial for Spring semester.

Gallatin Review - Open Submission Period

Each year, in the spring, we publish The Gallatin Review, our student-edited journal of student poetry, prose, and visual art. If you have a well loved piece that you think merits publication, why not submit a proposal? The submission period is now open:for guidelines and further information, please go to here.

Senior Toast

Save the date for our annual Senior Toast! Raise a glass at this signature senior event to applaud those graduating this semester and cheer on those halfway through senior year. This year we’ll enjoy wine and nibbles at the Torch Club on December 12th from 5:00-7:00.

Spooky Senior Snack Shack

Wednesday, October 30th, "open-shack" from 1:00-3:00 on the 5th floor

Trick or Treat? Come indulge yourself in Halloween treats at The Spooky Senior Snack Shack on Halloween eve. Follow signs on the 5th floor to the "open-shack" from 1-3pm to fill up a goodybag with treats on treats on treats! You won't even have to go door-to-door--Trick or Treat'n has never been so easy! Sponsored by your Gallatin Student Council.

Work hard and be in touch,


Senior Class Representative

Katherine Campbell is a Gallatin senior concentrating in Sex in the Context of Human Rights and Economics. She was a recipient of the 2013 Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights, which allowed her to travel to Uganda where she worked to enhance access to reproductive health education in partnership with a local NGO, Women Alliance and Children Affairs, (WAACHA). Katherine is excited to be the Gallatin Student Council Senior Class Representative, and is hoping for a memorable and fun-filled senior year! She is always looking for ways to make this year even more special for her fellow classmates, and encourages anyone to contact her with ideas on how to do that. There are fun events on the horizon that involve candy, hot chocolate, and wine….be on the lookout for more information! Contact Katherine:kac567@nyu.edu

Pitching Your Gallatin Degree

Thursday, October 17th, 12:30-1:30

Wasserman Center for Career Development, Presentation Room B (133 E. 13th St, 2n;Fl)

Presented by James Del, an Executive Director at Gawker and 2008 Gallatin Alum

Not sure how to market your individualized degree to employers? Explore ways to be competitive and sell yourself for the job by learning how to verbalize the value of a Gallatin degree. Gain effective strategies to market your unique skills and experiences on a resume, cover letter, in an interview, and while networking. Pizza will be served! You can RSVP for this event on NYU CareerNet.

Liberal Arts Foundation Requirements

I also want to alert you to a change regarding journalism courses and Gallatin's liberal arts requirements. Please be aware that beginning Spring 2014, Journalism courses (JOUR-UA) will no longer satisfy the social science area of Gallatin’s foundation requirement. The Gallatin website has been updated to include both the old and new policies. Students who have taken Journalism Department courses prior to Spring 2014 may use them to fill a social science requirement.However, beginning Spring 2014, these courses will no longer fulfill the social science requirement for any student. We realize that a graduating senior might be negatively affected by this change, and we will therefore work individually with graduating students to resolve issues. Be in touch with questions.

Colloquium Preparation

Many adviser approved rationales and booklists are headed out for second reader review this week! This is definitely the time of year for seniors to be working closely with their advisers to develop documents and make plans for colloquium preparation. Please feel welcome to join me during walk-in office hours on Mondays 9:30-12:00 and Thursdays 2:30-5:00 to help devise a plan.  Thanks to the many of you who attended a Colloquium Workshop thus far! Note that there are two more upcoming this semester. Dates are available on the Senior Class Website.

January Graduates

Remember that October 4th is the final day to apply for graduation.


Monday 09.09 Last day to submit fall 2013 Internship and Private Lesson proposals

Tuesday 09.10 $50 Late fee assessed for initial fall registration. Students who are already registered for fall courses will not be charged.

Monday 09.16 Last day to drop a fall 2013 course and receive 100% refund of both tuition and fees. Last day of fall 2013 registration on Albert. Last day of active waitlist; drop all unwanted classes by today to avoid financial penalty.

Tuesday 09.17 Permission of instructor required to register for a fall course. All registration activity must now be completed in person at 1 Washington Place.

Monday, September 23 Last day to drop a fall 2013 course without receiving a “W” on transcript



Are you on track to fulfill all of your requirements? Make sure to check on outstanding academic requirements through Albert. This is especially important prior to the Fall add/drop deadline. Not entirely sure? Drop by the Office of Advising walk-in hours.



Please make sure that you have applied for graduation by October 4th!



I will host four colloquium workshops this semester – bring your friends and attend one of the following sessions.



The Wasserman Center for Career Development has a host of informative events this year. You should definitely keep an eye on their calendar. A few I thought you’d be interested in:

Fall Job & Internship Fair

Thursday, September 12 | 11am-3pm | Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South

NYU students from all majors are invited to attend our largest fair of the year to explore part-time and full-time opportunities as well as internships. NYU representatives hiring for on campus work study positions will also be present.

To view a list of employers schedule to attend the fair, click on Events > Career Fairs

Engineering & Technology Fall Career Fair

Thursday, September 19 | 11am-3pm | NYU-Poly: Jacobs Gymnasium, 6 MetroTech Center

NYU-Poly and NYU students are invited to attend this fair to meet with a large number of employers from diverse industries. Explore full-time, part-time and internship opportunities in fields including Engineering, Computer Hardware/Software, Technology, Science, Management, and Digital Media among others.

What’s Next: Politics and International Relations

Thursday, September 25 | 5-6pm | Wasserman Pres B

This presentation allows politics and international relations students to hear from a panel of professionals with the same educational background to further explore their career options and gain career advice and insights. Panel will be moderated by a faculty member.


Work hard and be in touch!



Looking forward to an exciting 2013-2014 academic year…one in which you’ll be graduating! Periodically, you’ll receive emails from me, your Senior Class Adviser, and I strongly suggest you read them to stay on top of everything you need to know in order to have a successful year. You can find all of the Senior Class Emails online in our email archive, if you need to reference them.
Degree Audit
Are you on track to fulfill all of your requirements? Make sure to check on outstanding academic requirements through Albert. This is especially important prior to the Fall add/drop deadline. Not entirely sure? Drop by the Office of Advising walk-in hours.
Expected Date of Graduation
Does Albert know when you hope to graduate? Let him know by updating your expected date of graduation in your student center online – this is a critical step toward graduation eligibility!
Schedule an appointment with your primary faculty adviser to make plans for the upcoming year. You should meet in the first week of two of the semester.
Rationales are due October 1st or November 1st depending on your expected date of graduation, and whether you hope to complete a Senior Project. Develop a timeline for completion with your adviser.
I will host four colloquium workshops this semester – bring your friends and attend one of the following sessions:
  • Wednesday, September 18th from 4pm to 5pm iin room 801
  • Friday, September 27th from 11am to 12pm in Room 601
  • Thursday, October 24th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in Room 527
  • Wednesday, December 4th from 11am to 12pm in Room 801
Wasserman & On Campus Recruiting
The Wasserman Center for Career Development is planning for full-time job and summer internship recruitment for the next academic year. Our On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) program is an opportunity for NYU Juniors and Seniors to interview on campus with top employers for some of the most competitive internships and full-time jobs available.

To accommodate the growing list of employers who wish to recruit NYU students, we plan to begin on-campus interviews on September 9 for Class of 2014 grads seeking full-time jobs. Interviews for Class of 2015 grads seeking internships during summer 2014 will begin on November 11. The complete recruitment calendar can be found online.
This year you’ll have the opportunity to submit proposals to complete a Senior Project, earn a Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors, give a talk at TEDxGallatin, publish in many Gallatin publications, present at GAF, etc….make sure to keep an eye out for information regarding these opportunities to further your scholarship and share your creativity!
Senior Class Website
We have a Senior Class Website and email archive – which will highlight things you should be thinking about during the semester, have handy links to information you need, and reminders regarding upcoming deadlines. Bookmark it!
Fall Graduates
Is Fall your final semester? If so, you’ll want to Apply for Graduation on Albert’s Student Center. The deadline to apply is October 4th….don’t forget….you want that January 2014 BA!
Office Hours
This semester my office hours are Monday 9:30-12:00 and Thursday 2:30-5:00 – please drop by and introduce yourself.
Work hard and be in touch!


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