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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see what requirements I have left to complete?

All of your progress towards your degree is monitored in Albert, and it is accessible to you in the form of the Degree Progress Report. Please use these instructions to view it in the Student Center.

I need to find a Gallatin form/application - do you know where it is?

Almost all Gallatin forms are online - 102, at last count. You can find the full list of forms here. The fastest way to find a specific form is to enter the name of it in the search bar on the Gallatin home page. The most commonly asked for forms are the IAPC submission form, the change of adviser request, the external study application, the internship proposal form, the permission to register form, the pass/fail form, the plan of study form, the request for a grade of incomplete,  and the AP credit form.

What is the IAPC?

All students are required to write a 2-3 page essay called the Intellectual Autobiography and Plan for Concentration (IAPC) in which they reflect on their education. In constructing the IAPC essay, students describe their educational experiences, the central idea(s) of the concentration and the coursework relevant to their concentration. This essay should be seen as a tool or guide - a way for students to reflect on how they learn as individuals, and to consider what they find academically interesting and challenging.

 You can find the most comprehensive information about it on this portion of the Gallatin website. If you are in Washington Square this semester, you should also attend one of our wonderful workshops.

How do I hand in my IAPC?

Once your adviser has approved it, use the IAPC submission form.

When can I post my AP/IB/Maturity/Pre-College credits, and how much credit can I get?

Gallatin allows you to post qualifying Advanced Placement scores for course credit at the end of sophomore year. Remember to talk with your primary adviser first! 

Gallatin accepts AP, IB and Maturity credits and for the most part follows the CAS guidelines, both in terms of what tests we accept, the amount of credit hours they are worth, and, in the case of APs, which courses they substitute for. You will notice on that webpage that many of the AP tests have a corresponding CAS course listed in the "course equivalent" column - this mean that if you have taken PSYCH-UA 1 you cannot receive credit for the AP psych exam. Gallatin does not allow any pre-college credits to substitute for core coursework- these credits simply count towards your overall total needed to graduate. Gallatin's specific pre-college credit policies, including the AP credit policies, are on our website. You can request to have your AP credits posted at the end of your sophomore year by filling out this form.

My AP scores should allow me to waive the pre-req for this class, but Albert won't let me enroll, why?

Gallatin students cannot post AP credits to their transcripts as courses until the end of sophomore year, and Albert is programmed to look for courses, not AP scores, when considering whether you have taken the pre-requisites. Fear not! As long as the College Board sent your AP scores to us and we have them on file, the department can bypass Albert and place you into that upper level Psych/Econ/CAMS/etc course. Contact the enrollment director for the department directly- you can usually find who this is on the website - or you can just go to the department and ask to speak to the person in charge of undergraduate enrollment.

I took college courses in high school - can I get credit for those?

It depends, but if they don't appear on your high school transcript and you did well, than it is likely. All policies for pre-college credits are on this section of the Gallatin website.

Can I get credit for courses I took at another College/University since starting at NYU?

All external study must be approved in advance. This means that if you are asking this question after you took two sessions of calculus at a college back home, you are pretty much out of luck. But if you are curious about your options for studying away from NYU, or New York, then visit the global study page.

Can I take courses in the School of Professional Studies?

Gallatin allows for a few select SPS courses.

I want to take a course but Albert says there is a block - how do I get around this?

For Stern courses:  Follow the instructions here.

For Tisch Film/TV: Find info and fill out the form here.

For MCC (if you are an MCC minor): You will want to talk with the MCC minor adviser, more info here.

For upper-level CAS courses: If the course is for majors only, you can contact the department directly and see if they have a process for allowing Gallatin students.  If the course has pre-reqs, you, in all likelihood, need to take those pre-reqs. If you think you have taken a course that should be considered equivalent (at a different University before transferring, or in another division within NYU), contact the department to discuss it.

Albert won't let me enroll in Stern classes even though they are open! Why?

There are several reasons, but the most common issue is that Stern restricts its courses to those with sophomore standing (and above). "But I AM a sophomore!" you cry, futilely, for Albert is a machine and immune to your pleading. Albert doesn't care if you have been here a full year, or if you have enough AP credits to be a junior, or if you just transferred from another university and your credits haven't posted yet. If you don't have 32 earned credit hours in the system, Albert calls you a "freshman" and bars you from sophomore classes. 

Do not despair! For our university is not run by machines (yet), and Stern has procedures for enrolling in Stern courses as a non-major. To  make our human lives easier, you should provide anyone you contact with the following information: Name, University ID #, Course Name, Course Number, and 4-5 digit class number.

If this is NOT your issue, contact Cyd right away and she'll look into it. 


Does [insert course name here] count for Gallatin's requirements?

The best source of information about which non-Gallatin courses count for requirements is our online list for classes. Make sure you read the notes at the top carefully. If the course you are asking about is not on this list, and it is a CAS course and it is not new or a special topics course, chances are that it has been evaluated and the curriculum committee determined that it does not count for Gallatin's requirements.

However, if it is in any school other than CAS or Gallatin, is a new course, is a course very similar to a course listed but the number and/or name has changed, or is a special topics course, and you do not see it on this list, chances are that it has not yet been evaluated by our curriculum committee. You can fill out this online petition along with a copy of the course syllabus. The curriculum committee will evaluate the course and render a decision directly to you. You should note that the curriculum committee may take several weeks to review the request, and plan accordingly.

How am I doing with my requirements / how do my transfer credits count towards Gallatin requirements?

You can view your progress towards your degree by looking at the Academic Requirements (or "degree audit)" menu on Albert Directions here.  

I am transferring out of NYU and need someone to fill out the Transfer Registrar Report or the Transfer College Report. Is that you?

Yes - class advisers fill out these reports. Please be in contact with Katherine Taylor on the 7th floor of Gallatin and she will help you from there.