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Dean's Award for Summer Research


The Dean’s Award for Summer Research (DASR) was created to encourage advanced Gallatin undergraduates to pursue an original research or creative project related to their concentration. In accepting a DASR grant, the student agrees to:

  • maintain and contribute posts to the DASR blog over the course of the summer;
  • write a scholarly paper on the research conducted and to submit this paper at the end of the summer; and
  • present the research conducted research at a Gallatin student conference during the fall semester.

Failure to complete all requirements in a timely manner will affect whether or not a student will be able to participate in the DASR Conference in the fall semester. To read more about past DASR conferences, visit the DASR blog.


At the time of application, all Gallatin undergraduates who are entering or who are in their junior year (and have at least one semester remaining at Gallatin) are eligible to apply. In credit terms, eligible students must have earned a minimum of 48 credits and will not graduate before the fall conference.

All applicants who have previously received a Dean’s Award and have failed to complete its requirements will not be considered for another award.


The grant period will begin no sooner than May of the semester in which students apply. Grants are intended to support research conducted during the summer months.

Application Requirements

  • Concentration: Describe your concentration and explain how this award/fellowship may contribute to your concentration's development.
  • Project Proposal: Give a detailed description of your project. Include your project goal(s), a brief demonstration of your knowledge related to the field of study, a description of your research methods or artistic process, and your project outcome (i.e., an essay intended for publication, a work of art, etc.).
  • Budget: provide an itemized account of your expenses associated with this project. If the total cost of the project is above the award amount, be able to explain how you will procure the additional funding to complete the project.
  • Resume
  • Recommendation