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Social Enterprising: Redefining Social Change in the 21st Century

Semester and Year SP 2011
Course Number CLI-UG1479
Section 001
Instructor Martha Diaz
Days MW
Time 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Units 4
Level U



Social entrepreneurs around the world are redefining the way we tackle social problems using effective business acumen and human capital. For these renegades, it is not business as usual, they are breaking out of the old corporate model and are developing new organizational patterns and markets. This course teaches the fundamentals of turning a powerful problem solving idea into a responsible enterprise with a blended social and financial value. From conducting research, community organizing, developing a business plan, crafting a viral marketing and fund raising campaign, and measuring impact, advance students will learn about the essential tools, practices and challenges to develop the capacity and sustainability for a social enterprise. Students are expected to develop and present a project proposal. Throughout the course scholars and leaders in the field are invited to share best practices and provide feedback to student projects. Readings include: Beyond Resistance! Youth Activism and Community Change: New Democratic Possibilities for Practice and Policy for America's Youth by Shawn Ginwright, Pedro Noguera, Julio Cammarota; How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein; Selling Social Change (Without Selling Out): Earned Income Strategies for Nonprofits by Andy Robinson; Unmarketable: Brandilism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity by Anne Elizabeth Moore; and, What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis.


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Community Learning Courses (CLI-UG)