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Writing for Television I

Semester and Year FA 2015
Course Number ARTS-UG1571
Section 001
Instructor Imani Douglas
Days M
Time 3:30 PM - 6:10 PM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Units 4
Level U



This workshop will explore the process of turning an idea into a teleplay. Prior to delving into the world of television, we will take a peek into writing for stage and film. The differences and similarities of these mediums will be investigated, via such works as Neil Simon’s  The Odd Couple , successful in all forms—stage, film, and TV sitcom. Structure, function and form will be examined via the reading of scripts and viewing of films and classic TV. Students will spend ten weeks of the semester creating, developing, and writing a sitcom episode of a classic television series, such as  I Love Lucy . Students will learn first-hand what it takes to complete a writing assignment from pitch, to beat sheet, outline, first draft, rewrite, to table draft, under the direct supervision and guidance of an executive producer. In this way, students will learn the business of the TV writer and what it takes to be successful in “the room” of a Hollywood TV show. Readings may include  Writing for Television  by Madeline DiMaggio and  Laughs, Luck and Lucy!  by Jess and Gregg Oppenheimer. This course is open to students with a serious interest in the craft of writing for television. This writing-intensive workshop is modeled on the industry, requiring strict adherence to deadlines and mandatory attendance.


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