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Master's Thesis II

Semester and Year FA 2016
Course Number CORE-GG2403
Section 001
Days W
Time 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM
Units 2
Level G
Foundation Requirement  


Pass/Fail only. Prerequisite: CORE-GG 2402. This class is an independent study with hours to be arranged between the student and faculty adviser. Students are also required to attend a short information session at the beginning of the semester. In Fall 2016, the mandatory information session day/time is Wednesday, Sept. 7, 5:30-6:15 pm. Please note: the information session meets only one time during the semester. To register, submit the Master’s Thesis II Registration form, available on the Gallatin website. Once the adviser has approved the student’s form, Gallatin Student Services will send the student a permission number to register for the course.


Application: [forthcoming] Description: To pass this class, the student must submit and defend his or her thesis. In the first months of the semester, the student continues to work in collaboration with the adviser to complete the thesis paper or, in the case of artistic thesis students, the artwork as well as the related research essay and other required accompanying materials. All students are required to attend a mandatory information session during the first week of classes. As prescribed by the online Thesis and Defense calendar (, students must receive approval for all work from their adviser far enough in advance of the defense so that the other panelists will have at least four weeks to read and inspect the submission. For more details, please see the additional information about Master's Thesis II on the Gallatin website as well as the thesis and defense calendar and submission forms.

Course Type

Graduate Core (CORE-GG)