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Literary Translation

Semester and Year SP 2016
Course Number WRTNG-UG1430
Section 001
Instructor Scott Hightower
Time 12:30 PM - 3:15 PM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Units 4
Level U



This course introduces students to the craft of literary translation and the many ways it can help them become more innovative writers. Students work individually and together to choose authors not yet known in English whose work strikes the students as distinctive and exciting. We discuss how the process of choosing a writer they admire and bringing that author’s work into English is a way to explore what makes a piece of writing stand out from other works of the same period. We talk about translating tone, humor, voice and innuendo and explore how students might experiment with these aspects in their own work. Over the course of the semester, we’ll workshop translations together with original writing the students generated while working on their translations. We'll also look at the work of leading writer-translators like Christian Hawkey, Sawako Nakayasu, Lydia Davis, and Charles Simic and discuss the aesthetic connections between the authors they've translated and their own prose and poetry.


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Advanced Writing Courses (WRTNG-UG)