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Excavating Titus Andronicus: Exploration and Embodiment

Semester and Year SP 2017
Course Number ARTS-UG1270
Section 001
Instructor Leslie Satin
Days F
Time 12:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Units 4
Level U
Requirement   EARLY



Shakespeare’s  Titus Andronicus  is a tragedy of extreme proportions, notorious for its portrayal of ceaseless violence, death, and mutilation driven by desires for power and revenge. In this Gallatin Arts Workshop, which will culminate in a performance of several scenes of the play, students will delve into the work from multiple perspectives. These include the text itself; its literary, historical, and cultural antecedents; its contemporary implications; and, especially, the ways to animate these discoveries—and reciprocally contribute to them—through studio practice joining dance, movement, and theater. This Practice as Research offers students opportunities to explore their characters, to broaden their ideas and experiences of performance itself, to understand embodied knowledge as critical and performative, and to develop their acting skills. A collaborative arts workshop, Excavating  Titus Andronicus  will be led by Prof. Leslie Satin, dancer/choreographer and performance scholar, and by guest artists Prof. Christian Billing and Prof. Campbell Edinborough, theater and performance artists and scholars from the University of Hull in England, with visits to the class from Gallatin scholars and practitioners in theater and literature. Readings will include  Titus Andronicus,  excerpts of Ovid’s  Metamorphoses , critical literature on these texts, and literature on dance, performance, space, and embodiment.


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