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Magazine Dreams: Conceiving, Designing, and Producing a 21st-Century Publication

Semester and Year SU 2017
Course Number ARTS-UG1660
Section 001
Instructor Lise Friedman
Days TR
Time 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Units 4
Level U


Session II: July 3 - August 13


Magazines are a tantalizing mix of tradition and the new—exquisitely tuned reflections of where we are at a given moment (and frequently harbingers of what’s yet to occur) expressed through a mode of communication that took root in the eighteenth century. It’s this balance of convention and innovation that guarantees their endurance, whether manifested in print, online, or through an artful combination of the two. In this arts workshop students will work together at an accelerated pace to conceive and produce an in-class magazine that reflects the students' interests and exposes them to the process such an endeavor entails. The first part of the workshop will be devoted to brainstorming and roughing out themes and design and editorial ideas, the second to their execution, and the final to the actual production of the publication itself.


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Arts Workshops (ARTS-UG)