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From Script to Screen: Making the Short Film

Semester and Year FA 2018
Course Number ARTS-UG1600
Section 001
Instructor Keith Miller
Days T
Time 6:20 PM - 9:00 PM
Units 4
Level U



In the age of smartphones and digital video, the possibilities for making short films and getting them to audiences are constantly expanding. In this course, we work through the whole process of making a short film from idea to final cut to release, exploring all the stages of writing, production and post production, and outreach and distribution. Over the course of the semester, the filmmakers will expand and clarify their vision and the cinematic language of their work. Alongside these creative challenges, we also consider the logistical issues that filmmakers face, including financing, scheduling, insurance, and outreach strategies to get the film into the world. To this end, the coursework culminates in both a completed short film to be screened at the semester’s end and an exhibition model, which can be a festival, part of a proof of concept for a larger work, a pilot episode of a series, or other innovative ideas. Throughout the semester, visiting speakers will demystify the festival world, distribution, financing and other elements of the process. Students are encouraged, but not required to bring scripts and story ideas developed in other classes so as to be able to further deepen the work of producing the film. The course is open to all levels and will especially focus on the collaborative aspects of the filmmaking process. For those with a less developed idea or less experience, the focus will be on the formulating of a story and its final realization on screen.


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