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Photojournalism Lab: The Ties That Bind

Semester and Year SU 2018
Course Number PRACT-UG1001
Section 001
Instructor Lauren Walsh
Units 0
Level U


Permission required. Application deadline is April 23, 2018. This 0-unit, intensive course meets May 21 - June 1, 2018. Course fee: $850. Pass/Fail only.


Application: Description: What if you had the conceptual and technical skills to make visual narratives, and get audiences to look and learn? What if you could use images to give crucial voice to people and ideas that need to be seen and heard? In this Photojournalism Lab, students will become trained visual documentarians. This lab teaches the process of creating visual journalism, from conception of a photo project idea, through execution of the final product, to how to professionally pitch that product for distribution. The thematic focus of this workshop is “The Ties That Bind,” which is intentionally broad to give students freedom to interpret and explore that concept. In the midst of an enormous city, what connects people? Some connections are forced; others are natural. Are there divisions event amidst connection? What does connection entail? When does division outweigh? Who are the people, organizations or environments affected by these questions? And importantly, how can these stories be told in pictures? In this two-week intensive workshop, students learn necessary skills from Professor Walsh and renowned photojournalist Ron Haviv, both of whom lead photo critiques and teach essential techniques for editing one’s visual journalism. Skills taught include how to write and promote a project proposal for professional publication; developing a better eye and better camera skills for taking stronger pictures; how to think like an editor and edit down to the essential photos; and developing a personal project that has resonance with larger social matters. The culminating photo projects might focus on topics such as family, immigrant communities, marginalized groups, humanitarian organizations, religion, and gender (in)equality, among others. Ultimately, each student produces a powerful photo essay on a meaningful topic. This course will appeal to students interested in photojournalism, journalism, documentary photography, social justice, sociology, and urban studies.


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Practicum (PRACT-UG)