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The Photographic Imaginary

Semester and Year FA 2011
Course Number IDSEM-UG1387
Section 001
Instructor Eve Meltzer
Days Tue,Thu
Time 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Units 4.0
Level U
Foundation Requirement HUM


In this seminar we will examine some of the most provocative ways in which photography has been imagined and practiced over the past century and a half, from early accounts of the daguerreotype to recent work on the digital image. Through close examination of photographic practices and the critical discourses that have grown up around them, we will endeavor to understand not just what André Bazin calls the “ontology” of the photographic image, but also how the photograph gets thought about, talked about, utilized and, in turn, produced fantasmatically as a particular kind of object and a special way of picturing. Readings may include Barthes, Bazin, Benjamin, Fox Talbot, Kracauer, Manovich, Metz, Sontag, Tagg.

Course Type

Interdisciplinary Seminars (IDSEM-UG)

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