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NYU Paris: From the Gallery to the Page: Writing Art Criticism in Paris

Gallatin Study Away Course
WRTNG-UG 9350, 4 credits
Level: Undergraduate

At the center of our shared practice will be our writing on frequent and sustained visits to Paris exhibitions and museums. We will challenge and hone our writing and looking through comparison with innovative examples of modern and contemporary art criticism. We will acquire knowledge about curating, art fairs, and biennales, as well as about museum and installation design that will serve as springboards or as productive irritants to our writing. Having sharpened our looking, writing, and thinking, we will ask how our viewpoints square with influential theories of contemporary art. Finally, we hope to arrive at a collective apprehension of contemporary art, exhibition, and museum display in Paris over the course of a discrete four-month period. In Fall 2017, important contemporary art exhibitions include the FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary Art) and Paris Photo.

For the most up-to-date course schedule details and for information about NYU Paris, visit the NYU Paris homepage.