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External Study

Gallatin students who believe their concentrations would benefit from study outside of NYU’s global network may apply for approval to take courses at other institutions while matriculated at Gallatin. Approval for such coursework is by no means guaranteed.

Through external study, students either take one or more classes at another US institution in the same semester that they take classes at NYU, or they take all their classes outside NYU in a given semester. Semesters spent entirely externally may take place in the US or abroad, though abroad programs are preferred. External study abroad programs may be found through search engines such as


All external study courses must be credit-bearing, taken at an accredited four-year (or, for graduate students, graduate) degree-granting institution, and offered as part of a degree-granting program at the external institution. The courses and/or program must relate to the student's Gallatin concentration. Generally, undergraduate students are limited to a maximum of 8 credits of external study per term, with a maximum of 16 credits over the course of the BA degree.   

Courses not approved include some practical skills courses such as physical education, etc. Some courses taken at another institution will not necessarily fulfill a pre-requisite at NYU (e.g., language or science course, etc.). At this time, Gallatin does not allow students to take online courses externally.




  • GPA of 3.0 or higher & no active Incomplete grades
  • Consult with your Gallatin adviser in advance about plans for external study
  • Undergraduates must satisfy Gallatin's residency requirement (completing the final 32 credits in residence at NYU); students may petition to be waived in the external study application
  • External study credits are considered transfer credits. Gallatin transfer credit limits: 64 for undergraduates; 6 for graduate students (included in the 12-credit maximum of transfer and course equivalency credit). If your external study credits will cause you to exceed the limit, you might not be eligible to transfer additional credit; students must file a separate petition through Gallatin (contact Gallatin Global Programs for more information)

The Application Process

Students are strongly advised to contact Gallatin Global Programs well in advance of their intended external study to ensure that their plans abide by Gallatin’s policies and procedures.

Students must complete the Gallatin external study application, which is subject to approval by their adviser and Gallatin Global Programs. The application requires a 250-500-word statement in which the student explains the relevance of the external study to his/her concentration and how it will enhance his/her education.

Students who meet the following priority application deadlines will receive a decision within 10 business days of submission. Students who apply after these dates may experience a delay in obtaining a decision.

Fall: April 1
Spring: November 1
Summer: March 1

NOTE: Students must also apply separately to the external program (deadlines vary). Students may submit the Gallatin external study application before or after applying to the external program.

Financial Aid

Students pay the external institution, not NYU, for courses taken externally. Federal financial aid can sometimes be transferred to most programs sponsored by US colleges/universities and to some foreign institutions. No NYU-specific aid can be transferred. Contact Gallatin Global Programs for more information.

Transferring Credit

Credits earned from external study are subject to the policies applicable to transfer credits:

  • No credit will be given for courses graded on a "Pass/Fail" basis
  • For undergraduate students, only grades equivalent to "C" or higher will be accepted for transfer; for graduate students, only grades equivalent to "B" or higher will be accepted for transfer
  • The amount of transfer credit will be based on the number of credits or points earned at the external institution, as well as the length of that institution's academic term
  • Course titles will not necessarily appear on the student's NYU transcript
  • Grades for these courses will not be computed into the student's NYU grade point average

To receive credit for external study, the student must have the external institution send an official transcript directly to:

Gallatin Office of Global Programs
411 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Contact Info

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