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Financial Resources

Gallatin graduate students should refer to the chart below for information about sources of funding available through Gallatin.

Please also consult the Financial Aid Information for incoming students.  

Thesis Research Support

Students who have an approved thesis proposal may apply for a SIFF Grant (for students completing artistic theses) or the Graduate Thesis Support Fund (for students completing research or project theses).  Note that you may only receive funding from one of these two sources.

Funding Opportunities at NYU

NYU Provost's Global Research Initiatives

The Provost's Global Research Initiatives program supports research-related activities at a select number of NYU's Global sites. The program supports short- and long-term faculty and graduate student visits to the sites. 

External Fellowships for NYU Graduate Students

The NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science has created a website that lists a number of external fellowships for which NYU graduate students are eligible to apply. These are fellowships which require endorsement from NYU, which means that students who are interested in applying need to plan far in advance. While some fellowships listed on the site are for PhD students only, there are a number of fellowships for which NYU MA students are eligible to apply, including the following:

If you are thinking of applying for any of these fellowships, please contact the MA program directors to discuss your plans.  In some cases, you may need to submit your materials to Gallatin to review before the NYU submission deadlines.  

Additional Financial Resources: