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Graduate Student Community

graduate student conference

The MA program encourages graduate students to collaborate with one another and participate in the larger intellectual community of the Gallatin School. There are opportunities to connect with graduate students with shared interests at social and academic events throughout the year.

The academic year begins with MA Convocation, an event that introduces new graduate students to faculty and other members of the cohort, and helps students think about how to construct a meaningful program of study during their time at Gallatin. Because MA students work across disciplines but also across modes of engagement (often combining the theoretical and the practical), convocation provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary study, as well as the relationship between theory and practice.

Gallatin organizes academic and social events throughout the year, including the following:

Admitted students are invited to join the Gallatin Graduate Community Facebook group.

"Against the Frame" Gallatin Graduate Art Club Exhibit

Gallatin supports student initiatives and works with students on creating programs and events related to their interests.  The video above showcases a student-organized exhibit in the Gallatin Galleries. 


M.A. Students at Graduation

MA students at graduation

MA Toast 2014

Students at Spring MA Toast

MA Toast

MA Toast

MA Happy Hour

Students at MA program happy hour