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Courses Outside of NYU

A graduate student in academic good standing may be permitted to take credit-bearing graduate-level courses at an institution other than NYU if the courses fit logically into the student’s program.All such course work must be approved in advance by both the student’s primary adviser and the Gallatin Office of Global Programs.Applications for external study for financial or logistical reasons are not considered appropriate.

External study takes two forms: concurrent registration, in which the student registers part- or full-time at an accredited institution in the United States, and non-NYU study abroad. Concurrent registration typically is limited to situations in which students want to take courses not offered by NYU. Students who are approved to register concurrently for a full fall or spring term at another institution must maintain matriculation at NYU (see Maintaining Matriculation). Students who register for courses at NYU while also registering concurrently at another institution will be considered matriculated in NYU and do not need to maintain matriculation. Students do not need to maintain matriculation at NYU during the summer sessions. Students who are approved to participate in a non-NYU study abroad program will have that circumstance noted for them on their transcript; they do not need to maintain matriculation.

Units earned from external study are considered transfer units and must adhere to the policies applicable to transfer units, as follows. Students may not register concurrently for independent studies or internships. Course titles will not appear on the student’s transcript, nor will the grades be included in the grade point average. Only grades of B or better will be accepted for transfer units, and no units will be given for a course graded or taken pass/fail. Students will not necessarily receive course-for-course units; for example, com- pletion of a 3-unit course at another institution may not be the equivalent of a 4-unit course at NYU. Students should be aware that they are limited to earning a maximum of 6 units through external study, which will be counted toward the 12-unit maximum of transfer and course equivalency units.

To apply for external study, a student must submit the External Study Application to Gallatin’s Office of Global Programs.The request should state where the student would like to study, explain why and specify which course(s) he or she plans to take. This request should be accompanied by specific information published by the school or university about the course(s) the student wants to take, including course number, title, description and number of units.

Upon review by the Office of Global Programs, the student will be informed that his or her request has, has not, or has in part been approved, along with any specific conditions of approval. Once the external study is completed, the student should have the outside institution’s official transcript sent to the Office of Global Programs for evaluation as trans- fer units. Upon receipt of the official transcript, the Gallatin School will review courses and grades and, pending approval of the units, will send notice to the University Registrar.