Graduate Elective Courses

Gallatin offers a series of elective courses each semester, including fiction writing, social theory and methods, and human rights.  Examples of recent elective courses include "Adaptation: Screenplays and Source Material;" "American Society and Culture in Transition;" and "Advanced Urban Design: Creating Green Cities."

Note that students who enter the program in Summer 2013 and later are required to take four elective units in graduate courses offered by Gallatin as part of the Graduate Core.  Please see Core Courses Effective Summer 2013 and Later for more information about this requirement.

Travel Courses

Gallatin occasionally offers graduate level travel courses. For example, "Italian Renaissance Art and Literature: The Culture Explosion" is a three-week summer course in Florence that introduces students to the literature and art of the Italian Renaissance.  Please see the Gallatin course listings for information about current travel courses.

Gallatin Graduate Elective Courses Fall 2017

For a complete list of Gallatin courses, please be sure to consult the Courses area of the Gallatin website and the course listings on Albert.