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Number of Units, Meeting Hours and Grading

  • Internships can be taken for one, two, three and four credits.* The number of credits is determined by the number of hours worked at the placement each week over the course of the semester. Typically, 3-4 hours per week is equivalent to 1 credit, and credits are adjusted from there.
  • A typical 4-credit internship will require approximately 12-16 hours/week of on-site work. Internships for more than 4 credits are granted by special approval by the Senior Director of Academic Internships.
  • All graduate internships are given a letter grade. The faculty adviser assigns the final grade, which is based on the meetings, the journal and the written work, as well as the supervisor’s performance evaluation.

*PLEASE NOTE: Students should be reminded that because internships are credit-bearing non-classroom courses, tuition and fees for an internship course are generated in the same way as those for a classroom course. This means tuition and fees for an internship are based on the number of units for the internship course. 

Timeline of Responsibilities

  • Site Confirmation Letter: Before the semester begins
  • ProposalBefore the semester begins
  • Journal: Kept from the beginning of the internship and submitted to the adviser periodically during the semester
  • Learning Contract: Due by the end of the second week of classes
  • Progress Report: Due mid-semester
  • Final Paper: Due by the end of the semester (due date is set by the adviser)