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Tutorial Proposal Guidelines

Designing a Tutorial

Tutorials are small groups of two to five students working closely with an instructor on a common topic, project, or skill. Designing a tutorial is an important part of the project, and while tutorials are usually student-generated projects, the students in the group should work together, along with the instructor, to discuss the aims and content of the study and produce the proposal, which consists of four components as explained below. Each student in the tutorial must complete a separate Tutorial Proposal form and attach a description of the group’s tutorial proposal.

As you begin to work on the Tutorial Proposal, please refer to the Student Checklist to ensure that you do not miss any important steps or deadlines. 

Credit Limitations

While students are encouraged to engage in independent work with the University faculty, the Gallatin program is designed for a careful balance between independent and classroom experience.  Graduate students may therefore take a maximum of 12 credits of Individualized Projects. This includes any combination of Independent Study, Tutorial, Internship and Private Lesson credit. If a student receives credit for Course Equivalency, this will decrease that graduate student's allowance of Individualized Project credit.

Composition of the Tutorial Group

Tutorial groups must include at least two students, but no more than a total of five students. At least one member of a Tutorial group must be a Gallatin student.  


Student Checklist

Students should follow the deadlines listed on the Student Checklist to ensure approval of their proposal.