Taking Courses across NYU

Based on their individual needs and interests, Gallatin students take courses in graduate programs throughout the University. As long as they have met the prerequisites and the program does not limit enrollment to its own students, Gallatin students are eligible to enroll in courses in all the other schools of NYU (except the School of Medicine and the College of Dentistry). Many Gallatin students eventually take courses in two or three different NYU graduate schools.

As part of their program planning, students should refer to the bulletins and Web sites of all the schools in which they might study. The directory of NYU schools below is designed to help graduate students identify programs and departments where they may take courses. Please note that some of the courses in the schools and departments listed here have prerequisites, and others may be limited to students in their respective departments.

Please be sure to consult the course listings on Albert for the most comprehensive information about available courses.  When viewing courses on Albert, it is important to review the information in the notes section in order to learn about any registration restrictions.  If you encounter a course that requires special permission to enroll, you should contact the program or department to ask about the process for requesting permission.

Graduate students will not receive credit for undergraduate course work, with the exception of certain courses in the department of Undergraduate Film and Television (see the section below on the Tisch School of the Arts for details).

Center for Urban Science + Progress (CUSP)

Graduate School of Arts and Science

Africana Studies
American Studies AMST-GA
Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies  

Courses are often restricted. Students must successfully complete ANTH-GA 1222: Culture, Meaning, and Society before requesting enrollment in more advanced courses. 
Bioethics BIOE-GA
Biology BIOL-GA
Biomaterials Science BIOM-GA
Chemistry CHEM-GA
Classics CLASS-GA
Comparative Literature COLIT-GA
Computer Science CSCI-GA
Creative Writing

GSAS Creative Writing courses are generally not available. Students may pursue creative writing through Gallatin courses, independent study, and tutorials.
East Asian Studies EAST-GA
Economics ECON-GA
English ENGL-GA
Environmental Health Sciences EHSC-GA
Ergonomics and Biomechanics  
European and Mediterranean Studies EURO-GA
Fine Arts

Courses are often restricted
French FREN-GA
French Studies IFST-GA
German GERM-GA
Hebrew and Judaic Studies HBRJD-GA
History HIST-GA
Humanities and Social Thought

(Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program)
Irish and Irish-American Studies IRISH-GA
Italian Studies ITAL-GA

Courses are often restricted
Latin American and Caribbean Studies LATC-GA
Law and Society

Courses are often restricted

Courses are often restricted
Mathematics MATH-GA
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies MEIS-GA
Museum Studies

Courses in Museum Studies are often restricted, but Gallatin students may be able to enroll in selected courses based on availability. Please contact Museum Studies for more information.

Gallatin students who are admitted to and enrolled in the Certificate in Museum Studies will have access to courses. If a student wishes to pursue the Certificate in Museum Studies along with the M.A. from Gallatin, additional units will be required. Please consult the director of enrollment management for details.
Near Eastern Studies NEST-GA
Philosophy PHIL-GA
Physics PHYS-GA
Politics POL-GA
Psychology PSYCH-GA
Religious Studies RELST-GA
Russian and Slavic Studies RUSSN-GA
Social and Cultural Analysis  
Sociology SOC-GA
Spanish and Portuguese

All courses in the department of Spanish are taught at the NYU in Madrid program and not open to Gallatin students. The program in Portuguese is a Ph.D. program only and not open to Gallatin students.


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Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development


Administration, Leadership, and Technology AMLT-GE

Applied Psychology APSY-GE

Art and Art Professions ARTP-GE

Art Education ARTED-GE
Art Therapy

Courses are often restricted
Studio Art ART-GE
Visual Arts Administration ARVA-GE
Visual Culture: Costume Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions HMSS-GE

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Dance Education MPADE-GE
Educational Theatre MPAET-GE
Music Business MPAMB-GE
Music Education MTHED-GE
Music Theory and Composition MTAC-GE
Music Technology MPATE-GE
Performing Arts Administration MPAPA-GE
Performing Arts Therapies (Drama Therapy, Music Therapy)

Courses in these departments are frequently not available to Gallatin students. However, it is often possible for students to design a program in these areas utilizing courses in the Tisch Open Arts Curriculum, Gallatin graduate electives, courses in other departments, independent studies, tutorials, and internships.  
MPADT-GE (Drama Therapy)
MPAMT-GE (Music Therapy)

Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

Teaching and Learning

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Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Certain courses in Stern may be limited to Stern students. Gallatin students may take a maximum of 6 units per semester in the Stern School of Business, provided they have the necessary prerequisites. Please see Graduate Registration at Stern for more information about Stern registration procedures for Gallatin graduate students.

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Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

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School of Continuing and Professional Studies

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Silver School of Social Work

Organizational Behavior, Systems and Analytics  MG-GY

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Tisch School of the Arts

Courses in the acting, dance, design, dramatic writing, musical theater writing and film departments at the Tisch School of the Arts are frequently not available to Gallatin students. However, it is often possible for students to design a program in these areas utilizing courses in other NYU departments, internships, independent studies, tutorials, private lessons, Tisch Open Arts curriculum graduate-level courses, and Gallatin elective graduate-level courses.


Courses in this department are generally not available to Gallatin students.
Art and Public Policy ASPP-GT
Cinema Studies CINE-GT

Courses in this department are generally not available to Gallatin students.
Design for Stage and Film

Courses in this department are generally not available to Gallatin students.
Dramatic Writing

Courses in this department are generally not available to Gallatin students.
Film and Television

Courses in the Graduate Film Program in The Tisch School of the Arts are restricted. However, Gallatin students may take up to 12 units in the undergraduate Department of Film & Television, provided the courses are on the list of pre-approved courses.



Interactive Telecommuniations ITPG-GT
Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

Courses in this department are generally not available to Gallatin students. 
Musical Theatre Writing

Courses are often restricted
Performance Studies PERF-GT
Tisch Open Arts Curriculum

The Tisch Open Arts Curriculum offers a series of Tisch courses open to all NYU students. Gallatin graduate students should check to be sure that an Open Arts Curriculum course is being taught at the graduate level.

University Program

Courses in the School of Law are generally not available to Gallatin students. However, students who are interested in a particular course may request permission from the instructor. LAW-LW