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Preparing for graduation

As you prepare for graduation, please follow the steps below to ensure that you will receive your degree.

Review your student record to make sure that you have completed your degree requirements

As you prepare to graduate, you should double-check your student record to verify that you have completed the sequence of required core courses, have earned the 40 units required for the degree, and have grades reported for all of your courses. You will not be able to graduate with outstanding incompletes on your student record. (Note that Master's Thesis and Defense, Master's Thesis II, and Thesis Advisement will appear as incomplete grades until you successfully defend your thesis. Gallatin will change these grades at that time.)

If you are unable to meet the requirements for a particular term, you will need to postpone graduation until the following term.

Register for the term when you plan to graduate

You must be registered during the term in which you plan to graduate. If you are planning to graduate in September, you should be registered for Master's Thesis and Defense, Master's Thesis II, or Thesis Advisement during the Summer term.  

Verify thesis proposal approval

If you have not already submitted your adviser-approved thesis proposal to Gallatin, you should do so as soon as possible by submitting the Thesis Proposal Submission form.  Students must have an approved thesis proposal in order to proceed with submitting the thesis and scheduling the defense.

Submit and defend the thesis

Review the Thesis Submission and Defense Process information on the Gallatin website for information about submitting the thesis, selecting the committee, scheduling the defense, and submitting the final thesis.  This page includes links to all of the forms you will need. Consult the thesis defense deadline calendar to determine the defense deadline for the term when you plan to graduate.

Apply for graduation

When you have determined the semester in which you plan to graduate, you should apply for graduation on Albert. Please see the instructions for how to apply for graduation on the NYU Registrar's website. It is recommended that you apply for graduation no later than the beginning of the semester in which you plan to complete all program requirements. Consult the calendar of Graduation Deadlines on the Registrar’s website well in advance of your anticipated graduation. If you have questions or have missed the deadline, you may write to

Please note the difference between graduation and commencement.  When you apply for graduation, you are letting the Registrar know that you plan to complete your degree in a particular term. In this context, graduation refers to receiving your degree, not to attending the commencement ceremony.  For information about graduation ceremonies, please refer to the information below about NYU Commencement and the Gallatin graduation ceremony.

NYU Commencement 

Students may officially graduate in September, January, or May, but the NYU Commencement ceremony for all schools is held in May. All September, January, and May graduates will be invited to attend the May commencement ceremony.

Gallatin Graduation

Gallatin organizes a graduation ceremony for all Gallatin undergraduates and graduate students.  All September, January, and May graduates will be invited to attend Gallatin Graduation.