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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I let Gallatin know that my adviser has approved the Thesis Proposal?

When the student submits the online Thesis Proposal submission form, Gallatin contacts the adviser to confirm his or her approval of the proposal.

The thesis proposal form mentions a methods course. What is this?

The methods course will likely not have the word "methods" in the title, but it is a course or independent study in which the student has studied the analytic approach taken in the thesis. Examples of methods courses include: oral history; community studies, media analysis, techniques in art history, qualitative methods in sociology, statistics, discourse analysis, etc.

Do I submit the thesis proposal that I completed in the Thesis Proposal Seminar?

Yes. Gallatin strongly encourages students to submit the thesis proposal to Gallatin soon after completing Thesis Proposal Seminar. Keep in mind that even if you receive a passing grade in the course, you must submit your adviser-approved proposal to Gallatin using the online Thesis Proposal Submission form. Note that students who complete Thesis Proposal Seminar in the spring term are required to submit the thesis proposal to Gallatin by September 16.

After I submit my thesis proposal to Gallatin, what is the turn-around time for receiving feedback and approval?

During the fall and spring semester, the review takes approximately 2-3 weeks; during the summer, approximately 5-6 weeks.

If I am doing an artistic thesis, are there any funds to help defray costs of mounting a performance?

Yes, once your thesis proposal has been approved by Gallatin, you may apply for a SIFF Grant. Please see the online application for the SIFF Grant for more information.

Is there funding available for students who plan to conduct research related to a research or project thesis?

Yes, you may apply for the Graduate Thesis Support Fund. These awards provide up to $1,500 to support the purchase of equipment, travel, or any other reasonable expenses required to complete the thesis.

When do I submit the thesis to the second and third readers?

After your adviser has approved your thesis, you must submit it to your second and third readers at least four weeks before your defense date. Please consult the page on the thesis submission and defense process for more information.

Who is responsible for scheduling the defense—the student, adviser, or Gallatin staff?

The student is responsible for the scheduling process. You should consult with your adviser and the second and third readers about possible dates and times. After you have finalized arrangements for your defense, you will need to submit this information—the date and time, as well as the names and contact information of committee members—to Gallatin on the Thesis Defense Registration form at least three weeks prior to your defense.

Can my third reader be a non-NYU person?

We prefer that the third reader be a NYU faculty person who knows your work; under rare circumstances, we will allow an outside third reader whose CV has been reviewed and approved by the MA program directors. If you would like to request permission to include a committee member who is not an NYU faculty member, please contact the Administrative Director of the MA program.

Where do I submit the final thesis?

You should submit the thesis using the online Final Thesis Submission form.

How much time after the defense do I have to make revisions on the final thesis?

You have 30 days from the date of the defense to changes recommended by your thesis committee.

Whom do I contact if I have a procedural question?

If you have procedural questions about the thesis proposal submission process, the thesis submission process, or the thesis defense, you may write to You may also contact the MA program directors with questions.