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Dean's List

At the end of each semester, undergraduate students with outstanding academic records are recognized by being named to the Dean's List. Students are eligible for the Dean's List if, in that semester, they have earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.850 or higher based on the following criteria:

  1. Students must have completed 12 or more units in courses with grades that count toward the grade point average (GPA). Courses graded A through F count toward the GPA.Courses graded with N, NR, W, or P (pass) do not count toward the GPA, and therefore do not count toward the 12 unit minimum required for the Dean’s List.
  2. Students who have a grade of Incomplete (I), *with one exception as indicated below, or No Record (NR) at the time the calculation is made are not eligible for the Dean’s List in that semester.
  3. Students on disciplinary sanction are not eligible for the Dean’s List.

*EXCEPTION: An incomplete grade in COLLQ-UG "Colloquium" will not exclude a student from eligibility for the Dean's List. 

Founder's Day Award

The University honors undergraduate students with superior academic records by designating them Founders Day Scholars. To be eligible for receiving this honor, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and have completed at least 30 credits at NYU before the date when the list of scholars is determined. For more information on Founders Day Awards, see the Web site of the Office of the Registrar.  

Latin Honors

Latin honors are awarded to graduating students who have achieved academic distinction. The honor will appear on the student's transcript and diploma. There are three levels of Latin honors: summa cum laude, with highest honor; magna cum laude, with great honor; and cum laude, with honor.

Summa cum laude will be awarded to the top 5 percent (by GPA) of Gallatin graduates, magna cum laude to the next 10 percent, and cum laude to the next 15 percent. The cut-off GPA for each of these levels will be determined by the record of the previous year's graduating Gallatin class (e.g., if the top 5% of last year's class graduated with at least a 3.95 GPA, then all students in this year's class with a GPA at or above that level will receive summa). For the specific cut-off GPA's, go to the Web site of the Office of the Registrar. In addition, students must have a clean record of conduct.

To be eligible for Latin honors from Gallatin, a student must have completed at least 64 credits at NYU for which the letter grades A through D were received. Courses taken at NYU before admission into Gallatin are included in the GPA and in the 64-credit requirement for Latin honors. NYU courses taken for a Pass ("P") grade, noncredit NYU course grades, and grades from courses taken at other institutions are not included in the Latin honors computation.