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Graduate Registration

Before registration becomes available for the spring and fall semesters, the Office of the Registrar sets an enrollment appointment time for all graduate students. To view your time, select the Enrollment Date tab in your Student Center on Albert. (Summer and January term registration do not require enrollment appointments, all students can register as soon as registration becomes available for those semesters).

To facilitate the registration process, Gallatin students should use the following steps (click on the plus sign to see more details on each step).

NYU students are required to enter Emergency Contact Information which includes a cell phone number and an emergency contact. You will not be able to register or use Albert until this information has been are entered.

You should also confirm that your personal information (i.e. your address) listed on Albert is accurate. You can update information that is incorrect or has changed directly in your Student Center.

The University blocks registration for students who are not in compliance with certain regulations (i.e., state immunization regulations), who owe an outstanding balance, etc., by placing a hold on the student's record.

You can view all holds by checking the "Holds" tab in your Student Center on Albert. If a hold appears, click on "details" and follow the instructions provided to resolve otherwise, you will not be able to register. A hold can take more than a day to resolve so it is best to check for them well in advance of your registration appointment time.

It is also a good idea to check the “To Do List” tab in your student center for messages from the Office of Financial Aid.

Use the course search function on Albert to find graduate level classes.  When viewing the search results, be sure to:

  • Write down the class number of each proposed course , as you will need it to register.
  • Make a note of courses that also require a permission number to register (see step 5 for more on permission numbers.)
  • Read the departmental notes to determine if there are any course prerequisites or registration restrictions.

Please Note: Only graduate-level courses will count for credit toward the master’s degree. The only exception is the Department of Film and Television in the Tisch School of the Arts, where Gallatin students are permitted to take a maximum of 12 undergraduate units. The undergraduate courses in this department must be at least at the 1000 level, meaning the catalog number must be at least four digits and begin with the number 1, such as FMTV-UT 1060. No undergraduate film course at the 0000 level (where the catalog number is less than four digits, or begins with a 0) will count for credit towards the Gallatin M.A. degree.

Before Gallatin students can register on Albert, the student’s academic adviser must approve his or her course selections. Therefore you should make an appointment to discuss your proposed plan of study before registration begins for the semester.

After you have decided on your course selections, submit the electronic Plan of Study to your academic adviser for approval. The submitted Plan of Study will be emailed directly to your  adviser. After reviewing your Plan of Study, s/he will  forward his/her approval to the Gallatin Office of Student Services.

Once the Gallatin Office of Student Services receives your adviser’s approval, the “Adviser Approval Required” hold will be removed from your record and you will be able to register for classes on Albert.


If you have selected a course that requires a permission number or special authorization to register, you will need to contact the department offering the course to determine: 

  • if you are eligible to enroll
  • the steps to obtain a permission number, and/or other special registration authorization.

If you have trouble locating contact information for a particular department, contact Gallatin’s Office of Student Services for assistance.

Stern courses:  The Stern Graduate School of Business requires a separate registration process. Gallatin's Office of Student Services assists students with this process. 

You can learn all about the various registration features on Albert by viewing the Student Registration Guides.

Now that you have been electronically cleared, use the class numbers and permission numbers (if applicable) that you recorded on your Plan of Study to register.

For assistance with Albert registration please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s Albert Registration Guide.

You should always verify your registration on Albert by reviewing your final schedule.  Be sure to correct all registration mistakes before the first day of classes to avoid financial penalties.  Pay special attention to the start dates of all of your classes as some schools of the University offer courses in special sessions.


New York University sets tuition payment deadlines for each fall, winter, spring, and summer semester.  These deadlines are printed on the Office of the Bursar's website.   

In addition to payment information, please review the following financial resources also found on the Office of the Bursar’s website: 

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