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To prepare for registration each semester (spring, January term, fall and summer) students should follow the below steps to facilitate the process.

  1. Update your contact information in the “Personal Information” section of your Albert Student Center. Students are required to have a “NYU Emergency Alert” cell phone number and emergency contact to register; update or enter this information as well.
  2. Check for registration holds in your Albert Student Center. Some holds may block you from registration; if you have one, click “Details” in the “Holds” section to find out who you should contact to resolve it.
  3. Review your Gallatin Degree Requirements to plan your schedule
  4. Search for graduate level classes; use the Gallatin Course page for information on courses you are eligible to enroll in. Then use the NYU course search to get registration information on the classes you plan to take.
  5. Meet with your academic adviser to complete and submit the Plan of Study form. Before you can register on Albert, your academic adviser must approve the courses you list on your plan of study.
  6. Add courses to your "Shopping Cart” and use the “Validation” tool to identify potential enrollment issues such as time conflicts, the need for department consent or an unmet requisite.
  7. Obtain permission numbers and/or departmental consent to register for courses with restrictions. Check the Gallatin Course page for information about registration restrictions on courses offered by other NYU schools.
  8. Register for classes when registration becomes available for the semester. 
  9. Verify your schedule; if necessary, use Edit Swap or Edit Enrollment to make adjustments to the classes you are enrolled in.
  10. Review your bill and pay your tuition. If you receive financial aid, confirm that your aid has been applied to your NYU e-Bill.

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