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Albert Gallatin Scholars

AGS students in Athens, Greece

AGS students in Athens, Greece

The Albert Gallatin Scholars (AGS) program offers selected entering Gallatin undergraduate students of exceptional ability an enriched educational and cultural experience that includes special seminars, intellectual mentoring, and international travel opportunities. The program also offers access to cultural and social pursuits made possible by Gallatin's location in one of the great artistic, financial, and media capitals of the world: New York City.

Membership in AGS is extended during the Gallatin admissions process. Entering first-year students are invited to participate in the program based on their academic record and extracurricular achievements in high school; there is no application. Students may remain in the program throughout the course of their undergraduate education at Gallatin, provided they maintain a 3.5 GPA at NYU and participate regularly in scheduled meetings and activities.

Year-Long Program

Each year, AGS explores a broad intellectual theme through biweekly seminars with a Gallatin faculty mentor. Scholars meet with guest lecturers and discuss the politics, art, language, economics, environment, and culture of the country they will visit. Short readings are required for most meetings. Throughout the year, Scholars also attend concerts, plays, gallery openings, films, and lectures that stimulate intellectual curiosity. Gallatin subsidizes entry fees for most events.

Scholars are also encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to community or public service by choosing or creating a volunteer project that benefits others and promises to be personally valuable and intellectually enriching. Some examples include volunteer work with Campus Harvest, Grand Street Settlement, the NYU Anti-Hunger League, Words Without Borders, and the Bowery Mission.

International Travel

Scholars may participate in two international study trips with the group during their undergraduate years; generally, they can choose which trips. To prepare for travel, Scholars study the culture, history, and economy of the country in the biweekly seminars. Gallatin subsidizes the cost of international travel, with Scholars usually contributing between $400-$500 of their own funds.

2016-2017: Greece & Cyprus: "Archaeology, Preservation, and National Identity"
Faculty Mentor: Hallie Franks
Travel in January 2017

Past AGS travel locations and themes:

  • South Africa: "Globalization and Contemporary Art"
  • China: "Cultural Revolutions"
  • Chile & Argentina: "The Past and Future of Movements"
  • Spain & Morocco: "Europe?"
  • Vietnam: "Cultural Memory in Contemporary Times"
  • South Africa: "The Arts in Times of Social Change"
  • Turkey: “The Creation and Maintenance of the Nation-State”

View photos from recent AGS trips!

Past Years' Projects

  • 2016 showcase on Gallatin's online platform, Confluence
  • 2015 showcase on Gallatin's online platform, Confluence
  • Mosaic journal publication featuring scholarly essays and creative pieces reflecting on the trip:
Mosaic 2015-2016 South Africa, Ecuador, Cuba

Mosaic 2015-2016 South Africa, Ecuador, Cuba (PDF)

Mosaic 2013-2015 Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, China, England

Mosaic 2013-2015 Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, China, England (PDF)

Mosaic 2012-2013 Spain & Morocco

Mosaic 2012-2013 Spain & Morocco (PDF)

Mosaic 2011-2012 Vietnam

Mosaic 2011-2012 Vietnam (PDF)

Mosaic 2010-2011 South Africa

Mosaic 2010-2011 South Africa (PDF)

Mosaic 2009-2010 Turkey

Mosaic 2009-2010 Turkey (PDF)

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