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Calendars and Scheduling

Rationale and Booklist Timing

Students are expected to complete the Colloquium during the penultimate semester before graduation. Adviser-approved Rationales must therefore be submitted to Gallatin for second reader review no later than the deadlines below. Seniors who fail to submit the adviser-approved Rationale to Gallatin by the deadline will have a registration hold placed on their accounts. The hold will remain in place until an adviser-approved Rationale has been submitted to Gallatin.

Deadlines for Submission of Adviser-Approved Rationale 

Students planning to graduate in:The adviser-approved Rationale must be submitted to Gallatin no later than:
January October 1
May November 1
September April 1

Students who submit the Rationale before the deadlines listed above should know that adviser-approved Rationale and Booklist submissions will be sent out for second reader review on the first of each month during the fall and spring semesters. Students and their primary advisers can expect reviewer feedback in the second half of the month.
The academic calendar requires a few caveats to these general principles, as follows:

1. To accommodate winter break:

  • The last day of fall classes in December is the last day to register a January colloquium.
  • Rationale and Booklist submissions submitted after December 1 will be sent out for second review on February 1.

2. For students hoping to participate in the May graduation ceremonies:


Graduation Deadlines

All students are encouraged to complete the Colloquium in the penultimate semester of their senior year. Students who delay the Colloquium should note the last day below to complete the Colloquium in time for specific graduation cycles:

  • May 2018 BA: Friday, May 11, 2018
  • September 2018 BA: Friday, September 21, 2018
  • January 2019 BA: Friday, January 25, 2019
  • May 2019 BA: Friday, May 17, 2019

Note that January degree candidates are strongly encouraged to schedule their Colloquium before the start of the fall term. January candidates who delay the Colloquium until fall should not plan for a Colloquium during the winter recess.

Selecting Your Committee Members

Your committee will consist of your adviser and two other NYU faculty members. Of the three committee members, one must be a full-time Gallatin faculty member. Please keep in mind that committee members should be appropriate for your colloquium topic. You may also review the Gallatin faculty list to locate a panel member for your committee. Your committee selections will be reviewed before your colloquium registration is confirmed.

Setting a Date and Time

After you submit an adviser-approved Rationale and Booklist, you can proceed with the Colloquium preparation process. After your documents are approved by the second reader, it is your responsibility to schedule the date and time of your Colloquium with committee members. Since the scheduling process may take a few days or even longer (depending on the availability of your committee members), please start this process as soon as possible and far in advance of the Colloquium registration deadline.

Your Colloquium registration will not be confirmed until your Rationale and Booklist are approved. In other words, a registration date submitted prior to notification of approval is tentative until confirmed by Gallatin.

You should also be aware that you may encounter some difficulties in finding committee members or arranging a date for a Colloquium in January or September because of the limited availability of faculty during the summer months and winter recess.

Submitting the Registration Form

Once you have selected your committee members and have scheduled a date and time, you will need to register for your Colloquium. The registration form should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired date.

Gallatin will email a confirmation to the student and committee members with a room assignment, as well as a copy of the approved Rationale and Booklist.

If you have already submitted the registration form to Gallatin and you would like to change a panel member or the date and time of your Colloquium, you should notify the Office of Advising at least two weeks prior to the date of your Colloquium, and you must confirm a new date/time with all committee members. Questions regarding submission procedures can be sent to