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Tutorial Instructor Guidelines

Instructor's Credentials

An instructor for a Gallatin Tutorial should be an NYU faculty member. In rare cases a professor from another university or college might be approved to instruct a Tutorial.

The Faculty Committee on Individualized Studies strongly urges students to locate NYU faculty to direct their independent study. In rare instances a student may seek to work with a professor at another institution. There is no guarantee that a non-NYU faculty member will be approved as an instructor of a Gallatin Tutorial. Students seeking to work with non-NYU faculty members must submit the professor’s curriculum vitae (CV) with the proposal form for review by the Faculty Committee on Individualized Studies. 


The Role of the Instructor

Tutorial Instructors should review the Tutorial Proposal Guidelines to learn about the Gallatin Tutorial before agreeing to work with students.

 Instructors should help students clarify the proposal and ensure that it includes all necessary components, and meet regularly with students to discuss readings and provide feedback on writing assignments or other projects.  At the end of the term, the instructor evaluates the students and assigns a letter grade (A-F) for each student.

Instructors with questions or concerns about the Gallatin Tutorial may speak with the faculty chair of the Committee on Individualized Projects (contact Kathe Ann Joseph (212-992-9822) for contact information)


Confirmation and Payment

Instructor compensation for the Tutorial is processed after students have officially registered. Instructors are paid per credit for each student. An email confirming student registration and the payment amount will be sent to all instructors in the fourth week of the semester. Instructors should carefully review the list of students in this email To confirm student registration in advance of the email please have the student bring a copy of his or her schedule to the first meeting.

Any questions regarding student enrollment or payment should be directed to KatheAnn Joseph

*Please Note: Instructors should not begin working with students until the student is officially registered. 

Limitations and Other Policies

Faculty (full-time and part-time) are limited to supervising no more than one Gallatin Tutorial per term. (Fall, Spring, or Summer). As with a classroom course,tutorials have a minimum number of contact hours (for more details, please see the “Number of Credits and Meeting Hours” section of the Tutorial Proposal Guidelines.

** If at any point a situation arises that may complicate or prohibit the completion of the Tutorial, even if it is a minor complication, please contact Kathe Ann Joseph, 212-992-9822, immediately.