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Interdisciplinary Seminars


A central component of the Gallatin curriculum is a commitment to the study of the history of ideas through significant world texts. Every year, Gallatin offers more than 100 different interdisciplinary seminars in the liberal arts that focus on major issues or themes in—and across—the humanities and arts, social sciences, and sciences. Through interdisciplinary seminars, students encounter a range of important historical periods and fields, and develop a global component to their studies. Gallatin’s expansive notion of the great books distinguishes it from other nontraditional programs as well as from most traditional programs. Interdisciplinary seminars are relatively small (20 to 22 students), emphasizing class discussion and thoughtful writing assignments.




Fall 2015 Interdisciplinary Seminars


Course # Title Instructor
FIRST-UG32 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Social Construction of Reality Stephen Duncombe
FIRST-UG35 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Family Patrick McCreery
FIRST-UG65 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Beyond Language: The Surreal, the Monstrous, and the Mystical Gregory Erickson
FIRST-UG69 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Boundaries and Transgressions Marie Cruz Soto
FIRST-UG70 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Holy Grails Andrew Romig
FIRST-UG71 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Political Theatre Valerie Forman
FIRST-UG74 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Collective Memory of Atrocity and Crisis Hannah Gurman
FIRST-UG77 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Play and Games in Early China Ethan Harkness
FIRST-UG83 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Human Rights, Human Wrongs Vasuki Nesiah
FIRST-UG84 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Picture Theories Chinnie Ding
FIRST-UG85 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Science and Literature Anne DeWitt
FIRST-UG86 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Place and Behavior Meredith Theeman
FIRST-UG89 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Double, Double Eugene Vydrin
FIRST-UG92 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Predicting the Future Matthew Stanley
FIRST-UG93 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Politics of Home Rosanne Kennedy
FIRST-UG94 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Caricature Todd Porterfield
FIRST-UG95 First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: Reflexes of Romanticism Andrew Libby
IDSEM-UG1059 Disease and Civilization Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1061 Literary Forms and the Craft of Criticism Sharon Friedman
IDSEM-UG1103 Pride and Power: Renaissance Revolutions in Art and Culture Bella Mirabella
IDSEM-UG1116 Fate and Free Will in the Epic Tradition Antonio Rutigliano
IDSEM-UG1119 Democracy and Authority in Modern Political Thought George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1144 Free Speech and Democracy Paul Thaler
IDSEM-UG1188 The Emergence of the Unconscious: From Ancient Healing to Psychoanalysis Lee Robbins
IDSEM-UG1193 Culture as Communication Vasu Varadhan
IDSEM-UG1207 Origins of the Atomic Age Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1239 Classic Texts and Contemporary Life Antonio Rutigliano
IDSEM-UG1268 Cultural Politics of Childhood Patrick McCreery
IDSEM-UG1280 Revisioning the Classics Sharon Friedman
IDSEM-UG1289 Narrative Investigations II: Realism to Postmodernism Stacy Pies
IDSEM-UG1294 Philosophy of Medicine Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1300 Militaries and Militarization Antonio Lauria-Perricelli
IDSEM-UG1311 Mad Science/Mad Pride Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1313 Ethics for Dissenters Bill Caspary
IDSEM-UG1314 Literary and Cultural Theory: An Interdisciplinary Introduction Sara Murphy
IDSEM-UG1340 Hiroshima Nina Cornyetz
IDSEM-UG1341 Metaphor and Meaning Stacy Pies
IDSEM-UG1342 Language, Globalization, and the Self Maria-Luisa Achino-Loeb
IDSEM-UG1351 Passion and Poetics in Early Japan Nina Cornyetz
IDSEM-UG1357 The Qur'an Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1380 Three Revolutions: Haiti, Mexico, Cuba Antonio Lauria-Perricelli
IDSEM-UG1381 Creative Democracy: The Pragmatist Tradition Bill Caspary
IDSEM-UG1387 The Photographic Imaginary Eve Meltzer
IDSEM-UG1388 Thinking About Seeing Keith Miller
IDSEM-UG1412 Yellow Peril Jack Tchen
IDSEM-UG1413 Moral Behavior: Sentiment, Evolution, and Psychology Justin Holt
IDSEM-UG1425 The Philosophic Dialogue Stacy Pies
IDSEM-UG1426 Boundary Crossings E. Frances White
IDSEM-UG1449 Plato: Tragedy, Philosophy, and Politics George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1450 Machiavelli: Popular Power and the Space of Appearances George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1454 The Iliad and its Legacies in Drama Laura Slatkin
IDSEM-UG1468 Psychoanalysis and the Visual Eve Meltzer
IDSEM-UG1478 The Modern Arabic Novel Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1486 Revolucion Alejandro Velasco
IDSEM-UG1494 Monsters in Popular Culture: Invented, Awakened, Invading Patricia Lennox
IDSEM-UG1504 Guilty Subjects: Guilt in Literature, Law and Psychoanalysis Sara Murphy
IDSEM-UG1515 Homer/Ellison: The Odyssey and Invisible Man Laura Slatkin
E. Frances White
IDSEM-UG1523 Feminism, Empire and Postcoloniality Marie Cruz Soto
IDSEM-UG1527 Finance for Social Theorists Peter Rajsingh
IDSEM-UG1527 Finance for Social Theorists Peter Rajsingh
IDSEM-UG1532 Lives in Science Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1534 The Seen and Unseen in Science Matthew Stanley
IDSEM-UG1543 Imagining the Middle East Ali Mirsepassi
IDSEM-UG1545 On Freud's Couch: Psychoanalysis, Narrative and Memory Nina Cornyetz
IDSEM-UG1552 Sociology of Religion: Islam and the Modern World Ali Mirsepassi
IDSEM-UG1558 The Travel Habit: On the Road in the Thirties Steve Hutkins
IDSEM-UG1563 Women’s Text(iles) Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1566 History of Environmental Sciences Before Darwin Peder Anker
IDSEM-UG1567 The Arabian Nights Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1580 Between Rights and Justice in Latin America Alejandro Velasco
IDSEM-UG1586 Consumerism in Comparative Perspective Kimberly DaCosta
IDSEM-UG1586 Consumerism in Comparative Perspective Kimberly DaCosta
IDSEM-UG1592 American Narratives I: American Literature, Race and Politics George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1603 Modern Poetry and the Actual World Lisa Goldfarb
IDSEM-UG1608 Justice and the Political Justin Holt
IDSEM-UG1609 Dante's World Antonio Rutigliano
IDSEM-UG1617 Philosophy of Religion Joe Thometz
IDSEM-UG1617 Philosophy of Religion Jeffrey Morris
IDSEM-UG1618 Media and Fashion Moya Luckett
IDSEM-UG1624 There and Back Again: Travelers and Traveling through the Middle Ages and Beyond Andrew Romig
IDSEM-UG1626 The Communication Revolutions Paul Thaler
IDSEM-UG1627 Green Design from Geddes to Gore Mitchell Joachim
IDSEM-UG1628 Think Big: Global Issues and Ecological Solutions Mitchell Joachim
IDSEM-UG1632 "Woman" and the Political Rosanne Kennedy
IDSEM-UG1639 Witch, Heroine, Saint: Joan of Arc and Her World Andrew Romig
IDSEM-UG1640 The History of Kindness Andrew Romig
IDSEM-UG1641 Health and Human Rights in the World Community Allen Keller
IDSEM-UG1642 Celebrity Culture Moya Luckett
IDSEM-UG1643 The Politics of Law and Legal Thought Vasuki Nesiah
IDSEM-UG1644 Labor and the Global Market: Literature, Film and History Valerie Forman
IDSEM-UG1646 Fractured States: Border Crossings, Divisions, and Partitions Valerie Forman
IDSEM-UG1648 Environment and Development in Africa Rosalind Fredericks
IDSEM-UG1649 The Music of Poetry and the Poetry of Music Lisa Goldfarb
IDSEM-UG1669 Legal Fictions: Novel, Law, and Society Sara Murphy
IDSEM-UG1674 The Politics of Food Myisha Priest
IDSEM-UG1675 Popular Dance and American Cultural Identity Julie Malnig
IDSEM-UG1682 Thinking Sex/Gender Globally Ritty Lukose
IDSEM-UG1685 Reading, Performing, and Creating James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Gregory Erickson
IDSEM-UG1689 Night and the City: Film Noir and the Noir Imagination Rahul Hamid
IDSEM-UG1700 Becoming Global? Europe and the World: A Literary Exploration Valerie Forman
IDSEM-UG1711 Politics, Writing and the Nobel Prize in Latin America Linn Cary Mehta
IDSEM-UG1714 What is Critique? A.B. Huber
IDSEM-UG1722 Writing the Present Day Life Judith Greenberg
IDSEM-UG1731 Gender Undone: Fiction, Film, and Feminist Theory Meghan Fox
IDSEM-UG1738 The Cultural Politics of Bad Taste Julian Cornell
IDSEM-UG1739 Kinship and Community: Ancient Texts and Modern Theories Bruce King
IDSEM-UG1740 Bridging Culture and Nature: An Introduction to Conservation Science Jim Tolisano
IDSEM-UG1749 Melodrama Unchained: Genre and Style in Western Narrative since 1800 Karen Hornick
IDSEM-UG1750 Good Design: Scale Louise Harpman
IDSEM-UG1751 Biology and Society Myles Jackson
IDSEM-UG1752 This Mediated Life: An Introduction to the Study of Mass Media Julian Cornell
IDSEM-UG1752 This Mediated Life: An Introduction to the Study of Mass Media Julian Cornell
IDSEM-UG1759 Exhibition Systems and Curating Meleko Mokgosi
IDSEM-UG1761 Cold War, Hot Science Christopher Phillips
IDSEM-UG1761 Cold War, Hot Science Christopher Phillips
IDSEM-UG1767 Crime in the USA Ngina Chiteji
IDSEM-UG1768 Government and the Economy: What Every Citizen Should Know Ngina Chiteji
IDSEM-UG1771 The Promise and Pitfalls of Markets Ngina Chiteji
IDSEM-UG1772 Music and Civic Culture: Ancient and Modern Bruce King
IDSEM-UG1775 Contemporary Visual Culture and the Politics of Images Lauren Walsh
IDSEM-UG1777 Sex Crimes, Sex Panics Cyd Cipolla
IDSEM-UG1778 Punk Aesthetics Joshua Shirkey
IDSEM-UG1781 A Sense of Place Steve Hutkins
IDSEM-UG1782 Madness and Civilization Yevgeniya Traps
IDSEM-UG1786 Trash Matters: Exploring Development, Environment, and Culture through Garbage Rosalind Fredericks
IDSEM-UG1794 History and Memory in the Early Modern Atlantic World Laurie Woodard
IDSEM-UG1795 Art and Ethics Christopher Trogan
IDSEM-UG1800 Third Year Symposium Vasu Varadhan
Hannah Gurman
IDSEM-UG1801 Minds and Bodies: A History of Neuroscience Brendan Matz
IDSEM-UG1802 Hearing Difference: The Commercial Music Industry and the American Racial Imaginary Kwami Coleman
IDSEM-UG1806 Science, Race and Colonialism in Comparative Perspective Brendan Matz
IDSEM-UG1807 Dystopian Fictions Anne DeWitt
IDSEM-UG1808 The World According to Opera Chinnie Ding
IDSEM-UG1809 Achilles' Shield: Mapping the Ancient Cosmos Hallie Franks
Matthew Stanley
IDSEM-UG1810 Art and Politics in the City: New York and Buenos Aires Alejandro Velasco
Florencia Malbran
IDSEM-UG1810 Art and Politics in the City: New York and Buenos Aires Alejandro Velasco
IDSEM-UG1811 Desperate Housewives of the 19th-Century Novel June Foley
IDSEM-UG1812 Reading and Thinking about David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest Gregory Erickson
IDSEM-UG1813 Exhibitions: A History, A Theory, An Exploration Florencia Malbran
IDSEM-UG1814 Darwin's Origin of Species Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1815 Malthus and His Legacy Gene Cittadino
IDSEM-UG1816 Proximity and Protest in the 18th-Century Letter and its Afterlives Andrea Gadberry
IDSEM-UG1817 Politics of Reform in America David Huyssen
IDSEM-UG1818 Mindfulness and Mysticism Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1819 What is Post-structuralism? Sara Murphy
IDSEM-UG1820 The Faces of Landscape Eugene Vydrin
IDSEM-UG1821 Democracy and Difference Rosanne Kennedy
IDSEM-UG1822 The Politics of Work Rosanne Kennedy
IDSEM-UG1823 In with the Old, Out with the New: Debates on "Tradition" in Western Music Kwami Coleman
IDSEM-UG1825 Human Rights: Local and Global Vasuki Nesiah
IDSEM-UG1826 (Dis)Placing Urban Histories
IDSEM-UG1827 Justice, Tragedy and Philosophy: Politics in Ancient Greece Justin Holt
IDSEM-UG1828 Comparative Melancholies Andrea Gadberry
IDSEM-UG1829 The Story of/in Psychoanalysis Marissa Dennis
IDSEM-UG1830 Arab Cinema(s) Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1831 Enlightenment Subjects and Subjections Andrea Gadberry
IDSEM-UG1832 Genetics and Society Myles Jackson
IDSEM-UG1833 Music and Science Myles Jackson
IDSEM-UG1834 Wisdom for Life: Cultivating Self, Philosophy, and Society Bradley Lewis
IDSEM-UG1835 The Poetics and Politics of Mourning Sinan Antoon
IDSEM-UG1836 Fashion, Politics and Justice Paula Chakravartty
IDSEM-UG1838 Narrating Seduction: The Tale of Genji Nina Cornyetz
IDSEM-UG1839 Freud Eve Meltzer
IDSEM-UG1840 Reading Closely, Reading Historically Gregory Vargo
IDSEM-UG1841 American Road Narratives Amy Spellacy
IDSEM-UG1842 Ancients vs. Moderns Frederic Clark
IDSEM-UG1844 Genre, Politics and Theory George Shulman
IDSEM-UG1847 Dangerous and Intermingled: An Intensive Introduction to Critical Research Practices Jack Tchen
IDSEM-UG1848 Expertise and Democracy Gianpaolo Baiocchi
IDSEM-UG1849 Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance and Popular Protest Frank Roberts
IDSEM-UG1853 Pollution and Policy Rachel Rothschild
IDSEM-UG1854 Architecture and the Modern Anooradha Siddiqi
IDSEM-UG1855 Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Peter Rajsingh
IDSEM-UG1863 By Any Means Necessary: The Life and Times of Malcolm X and James Baldwin Frank Roberts
IDSEM-UG1869 Babel Todd Porterfield