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Liberal Arts and Historical & Cultural Courses Offered at Other NYU Schools

  • Below are all of the (non-Gallatin) courses throughout NYU that have been reviewed by Gallatin faculty to fulfill the liberal arts and historical and cultural requirements. This list will be updated as more courses are reviewed and approved. Please note that course numbers and titles may change.
  • To search for Gallatin courses that fulfill the liberal arts and historical and cultural requirements, go to the Gallatin Courses page. Please note that the following do not fulfill any areas of the liberal arts and historical and cultural requirements: advanced writing courses (WRTNG-UG); arts workshops (ARTS-UG); community learning courses (CLI-UG); practicums (PRACT-UG); first-year program courses, including first-year interdisciplinary seminars and first-year writing and research seminars (FIRST-UG); and individualized projects including independent studies, tutorials, etc. (INDIV-UG).
  • Most courses on the list below were offered in prior semesters and may or may not be offered in a future semester. Students should consult the Albert Course Search to see when these courses are offered.
  • Special Topics courses may in some cases satisfy Gallatin's historical and cultural foundation requirement, but must be considered on a case-by-case basis.To request the review of a Special Topics course, students should complete a Course Review Request form.
  • To request that a new course be reviewed to fulfill one of the liberal arts or historical and cultural requirements, students should complete a Course Review Request form.


School Department Course # Title Lib Arts Hist & Cult
CAS Psychology PSYCH-UA Most PSYCH-UA (see note for exceptions) SOC
Notes Liberal Arts exception: Typically courses in PSYCH-UA fulfill Gallatin's Social Science requirement. Exceptions include courses identified on this page.
CAS Psychology PSYCH-UA 10 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences MATH/SCI
CAS Psychology PSYCH-UA 22 Perception MATH/SCI
CAS Psychology PSYCH-UA 25 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience MATH/SCI
CAS Psychology PSYCH-UA 9 Statistical Reasoning for the Behavioral Sciences MATH/SCI
Abu Dhabi Psychology PSYCH-UH All PSYCH-UH courses fulfill the social science requirement SOC
Notes Former course number: PSYCH-AD