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Environmental Studies Partnership

Gallatin students interested in environmental studies have the option of participating in the Gallatin-Environmental Studies Partnership, an agreement between the Gallatin School and the Environmental Studies (ES) Program in NYU’s College of Arts and Science resulting in a special Gallatin minor in Environmental Studies.

While completing their individualized concentration at Gallatin in the usual manner, students may select a series of environmental studies courses and also become a part of the Environmental Studies Program community. Students who participate in the partnership become eligible to take the Senior Seminar offered by the program. When they graduate they will receive a minor in Environmental Studies and a note on their transcript indicating that they have completed the Gallatin-Environmental Studies Partnership. Students in academic good standing (a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0) may formally sign up to join in this partnership, with their adviser's approval, beginning in the second semester of their first year, and no later than the completion of their 80th credit.

Gallatin students who participate in the partnership will select 5 courses (18-20 credits) that will include:

  • ENVST-UA 100 (formerly V36.0100), Environmental Systems Science, a prerequisite for a number of environmental studies electives
  • ENVST-UA 101 (formerly V36.0101), Environment and Society, also a prerequisite for a number of environmental studies electives
  • Two 3-4 credit elective courses in environmental studies. A list of courses that will allow a student to participate in the partnership has been compiled by Gallatin and the Environmental Studies program, and it includes those Gallatin courses in the field of environmental studies broadly understood.
  • ENVST-UA 900 (formerly V36.0900), Environmental Studies Senior Seminar, taken in the senior year, provided students have fulfilled or are fulfilling the other requirements. (The Senior Seminar counts as the third elective in the Environmental Studies minor.)

Students must earn a grade of C or better for courses to count toward the Partnership.


As part of the agreement with the ES Program, ES will reserve a small number of places in ENVST-UA 100 and ENVST-UA 101 for Gallatin students. In addition, ES will allow Gallatin students to register for ENVST-UA electives during the first week of registration (when registration is typically closed to non-ES majors). In reciprocity, Gallatin will reserve spaces for ES majors in Gallatin courses designated as Environmental Studies electives. Gallatin students should note there are limited places in Environmental Studies (ENVST-UA) courses. If there are more students than available places in these courses, students will be either asked to modify their academic plan or placed on a waitlist.

To participate in this partnership, students must be in academic good standing (a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0) and must submit the Gallatin-Environmental Studies Partnership form, outlining their academic plan for completing all 5 courses. To remain in the partnership, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA average in courses that fulfill the partnership.

For questions about the Partnership, please contact Professor Gene Cittadino (212.992.7774 or

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