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Confluence is an online platform for student writing, art and research at Gallatin. The work is selected from undergraduate print journals (including the Gallatin Review, the Gallatin Research Journal, and the Journal of Global Affairs), exhibits curated in the Gallatin Galleries, visual art and performances produced for the Gallatin Arts Festival, teacher-nominated written and art works generated in courses, and independent projects commissioned by the student editors.


Examples of work on Confluence



A three-part series of historical writings—one narrative piece, one transcription piece, and one historical fiction piece by Samuel Magida. Each piece tells a story about one of the three ingredients that make up a S’more, and was developed in an independent study with Professor Scott Korb.



“Zap stands in the doorway of classroom 201 and the painted wooden beams frame his body like they were built that way, like he commanded the door to assemble around him and it listened.” Fiction by Danya Zukafka.


“Start by knowing nothing.” An experiment in the digital handmade: poetry, embroidery, and video by Whitney Meer.




Grasping Reflection

"It is so natural to expect your own image when seeing a mirrored surface, almost to validate your presence in the space you occupy. The piece does not give the viewer any sense of this satisfaction." An essay on encountering Robert Smithson's Leaning Mirror, written by William Kammler in Professor Chinnie Ding's First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar "Picture Theories."


Un Encuentro Redondo

"A dark bathroom in an anonymous airport and / tears in the sink." Poetry and translation by Alex Santana.




Unlikely Leaders
What are the qualities that leaders share? And how do people become leaders in the first place? An audio investigation created in Professor Judith Sloan's course "Oral History, Cultural Identity and the Arts." By Brian Williams.



Confluence was created and is administered by the Writing Program. All correspondence should be directed to Allyson Paty, Writing Program Coordinator.

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