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Gallatin Review

The Gallatin Review, an annual journal of student poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art, is edited by students under faculty supervision. Each year, awards are given to outstanding published works. The book is published during the spring semester, with a reading by writers and an exhibit of the art published in the new volume. 

Now accepting submissions for volume 32!


Submission Guidelines:


Prose (fiction and non-fiction) - Maximum 2 submissions per author, in .doc/docx format

Poetry - Maximum 4 poems per author, in .doc/docx format

Visual Art - Maximum 6 images; 300 dpi or higher


1. Each submission must be sent as a separate file.

2. All files should be labeled as follows: firstname_lastname_numberofsubmission.filetype

Example: Jon_Snow_1.doc

3. Send to with subject line "GR32 submission in [GENRE]"

Example: GR32 submission in [VISUAL ART] or [PROSE] or [POETRY]

4. One student may submit more than one genre; however, simultaneous submissions (i.e., when an author submits the same piece to more than one journal for consideration) is strongly discouraged.

5. The submission deadline for volume 32 is November 30th.  



Email Sam Patwell at