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Literacy Review

The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Edited by Gallatin students, the book is distributed at a celebration that includes readings by the newly published writers.

The faculty adviser for the Literacy Review is Professor June Foley.

Author Spotlight: Hear from some of the writers who will be published in Volume 15. Video by Tristan Oliveira

Excerpts from the Reading and Celebration of the Literacy Review, Volume 14, 2016


The Literacy Review Workshops

Out of The Literacy Review grew an annual, all-day series of workshops for teachers of writing to adults. Gallatin students involved with The Literacy Review help to plan and facilitate the workshops, which serve more than 150 literacy professionals and volunteers each year.

2016 Literacy Review Workshops participants

2016 Literacy Review Workshops participants. Photographs by Alex Mawe and Daniel Mekšs.

Literacy Project

In addition to the annual Literacy Review and Workshops, Gallatin's Literacy Project includes "Literacy in Action," which is a course co-sponsored by the Writing Program and the Community Learning Initiative; opportunities to tutor writing at the High School for Dual Languages and Asian Studies; opportunities to student-teach in a weekly advanced writing class for adult immigrants at University Settlement Society; and a number of other publications. Past Literacy Project publications include: Refugee Writing, co-published with the International Rescue Committee; Where I'm From, words and images from Morocco, Ghana, and Italy collected by Gallatin graduates; and nine anthologies of works by University Settlement writers, most recently Changing Every Day.


Covers of Ten (published in 2012), A Gift (2010), Where I'm From (2008) and Refugee Writing (2006).

Covers of Refugee Writing (published in 2006), Where I'm From (2008), and Changing Every Day (2014).