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Writing Courses

With more than 30 writing courses each semester, Gallatin students have the opportunity to engage in diverse genres and writing practices.

First-Year Writing and Research Seminars use writing to explore a particular theme while helping students to develop their critical writing skills. Recent examples include “Aesthetics on Trial,” “Contemplation and Culture,” and “Science Fiction: Frankenstein and Revisions.”

After taking the foundation courses, Gallatin students may choose from a rich variety of Advanced Writing Courses including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, comedy-writing, and documentary-writing, as well inter-genre, theme-based writing courses.

Fall 2015 Advanced Writing Courses


Course # Title Instructor Day Time
WRTNG-UG1039 Writing About Popular Music Amanda Petrusich Tue 6:20PM–9:00PM
WRTNG-UG1044 Criticism's Possible Futures Ben Ratliff Thu 3:30PM–6:10PM
WRTNG-UG1120 The Southern Table: Place, Politics, Memory, and Mythology in the Foods of the American South Sara Franklin Mon, Wed 9:30AM–10:45AM
WRTNG-UG1230 Writing Cross-Culturally Nancy Agabian Mon 6:20PM–9:00PM
WRTNG-UG1300 Creative Nonfiction Elyssa East Tue 3:30PM–6:10PM
WRTNG-UG1305 The Art of the Personal Essay Sharon Friedman Mon 3:30PM–6:10PM
WRTNG-UG1332 Writing the Strange Victoria Blythe Mon, Wed 4:55PM–6:10PM
WRTNG-UG1508 Writing for Late Night Television: Monologue, Jokes, Bits, and Sketches D.B. Gilles Mon 3:30PM–6:10PM
WRTNG-UG1522 Thin Stories: Alternative Narrative Strategies Anthony Tognazzini Wed 6:20PM–9:00PM
WRTNG-UG1537 Crafting Short Fiction from the Sentence Up Steven Rinehart Wed 6:20PM–9:00PM
WRTNG-UG1540 Reading and Writing the Short Story Carol Zoref Mon 6:20PM–9:00PM
Students may take "Reading and Writing the Short Story" two times.
WRTNG-UG1548 Pitch Perfect: A Multi-genre Writing Workshop Meera Nair Thu 6:20PM–9:00PM
WRTNG-UG1550 Fiction Writing Dave King Wed 6:20PM–9:00PM
Students may take "Fiction Writing" two times.
WRTNG-UG1555 Advanced Fiction Writing Chris Spain Thu 6:20PM–9:00PM
Prerequisite WRTNG-UG 1550 or CRWRI-UA 815 or CRWRI-UA 816 or CRWRI-UA 820 or permission of instructor. Students may take Advanced Fiction Writing two times.
WRTNG-UG1560 The Art and Craft of Poetry Emily Fragos Mon 6:20PM–9:00PM
Students may take "The Art and Craft of Poetry" two times.
WRTNG-UG1560 The Art and Craft of Poetry Stacy Pies Tue, Thu 3:30PM–4:45PM
Students may take "The Art and Craft of Poetry" two times.
WRTNG-UG1564 Advanced Poetry Writing Scott Hightower Fri 11:00AM–1:45PM
Prerequisite WRTNG-UG 1560 or CRWRI-UA 817 or CRWRI-UA 830, or permission of the instructor. Students may take "Advanced Poetry Writing" two times.

Other Spring 2015 Writing-Related Courses

Course # Title Instructor Day Time
CLI-UG1460 Literacy in Action Dianne Ramdeholl Tue 6:20PM–9:00PM
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