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MA applications for spring and fall 2018 are now available.


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Our graduate students are as diverse as the concentrations they develop. Gallatin’s MA Program is comprised of recent college graduates, those interested in changing the focus of their careers, as well as professionals seeking to enhance their existing expertise. What they have in common is the motivation to embrace the challenge of interdisciplinary study and the independence and intellectual curiosity to shape and direct their course of study. Students can attend on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time students usually complete the degree in 2 years. Part-time students are given 6 years to complete the degree.

Gallatin’s graduate students work with faculty from across NYU and can take courses in NYU’s various graduate and professional schools. Outside of the classroom, students can further their academic goals by developing individualized projects through independent study, tutorials, internships, and private lessons in the arts. At the end of their studies, students complete a final research, artistic, or project thesis.

Meet Our MA Candidates

Stewart Carrier

MA Candidate - Political Ecology of Social Media and Entertainment Industries

Stewart came to Gallatin after graduating with a BA in History from the Honors Program at the . . .

Victoria Carter

MA Candidate - Participatory Design, Sustainabilty, and Urban space

Victoria moved to New York from London, where she spent several years working as a digital and innovation consultant. . . .

Maximilian Claussen

MA Candidate - Crafting Identity in Post-War Germany

After having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Anthropology at NYU, Maximilian was approached with the opportunity to . . .

Kareem Collie

MA Candidate - Narrative Theory and Visual Culture

Kareem graduated with honors from Pratt Institute and went on to a career in brand development, strategy, and marketing . . .

Earlene Cruz

MA Candidate – Social Entrepreneurship and Food Studies

Earlene is currently pursuing her Master's degree at Gallatin while she works to bring her startup, an online foodie social network,, to life. . . .

Flavia Grilli

MA Candidate - Contemporary Art and the Global Cultural Economy

After studying International Relations and Economics in São Paulo, Brazil, Flavia came to Gallatin to study value in globalized . . .

Sarah J. Halford

MA Candidate - Artistic Activism

Sarah graduated with honors from the New School University, where she earned a BA in theater and politics. At . . .

Michael Imasua

MA Candidate - Global Security and Development

Whether as a scholar, activist, organizer, or leader, Michael has always sought to personify the change he wants . . .

Emma Leary

MA Candidate - Feminism Undressed: Understanding the Female Muslim Body in the United States

After graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a BA in Religious Studies, Emma came to Gallatin to . . .

Kiana Sosa

MA Candidate - Hip-Hop Theatre Pedagogy

Kiana earned a BA in Africana Studies with a minor in Theater from Hamilton College. She spent most of . . .

Rowan Spencer

MA Candidate - Sound, Music, and Mixed Media

Rowan Spencer is a musician, writer, and mixed media artist who holds a BA in English from McGill University. . . .

John Sumpter

MA Candidate – Media, Communications, and Social Development

After completing his undergraduate degree at Syracuse University in political science with a focus on Middle East development, John . . .

Alicia Waller

MA Candidate - International Relations and Music Diplomacy

A classically trained soprano from Northern Virginia, Alicia's research is centered upon the analysis of cultural diplomacy and its . . .

Careina Yard

MA Candidate - Examining Educational Inequities in Relation to the African American Diaspora

Careina is an educator, filmmaker, screenwriter, and photographer. After graduating summa cum laude with a BS in Criminal Justice . . .