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Is Gallatin Right for You? Take the quiz

  1. Do you have a variety of academic interests that you wish to explore in college?

  2. Do you have a clear path in mind for the kind of study you’d like to pursue?

  3. Are you undecided about what you wish to study in college but open to a variety of ideas and approaches?

  4. Would you thrive in an environment where you have the freedom and responsibility to make your own choices?

  5. Are you excited by the idea of going to college in New York City?

  6. Do you enjoy being in small classes with a significant amount of student-teacher interaction?

  7. Are you fascinated by the prospect of designing your own curriculum?

  8. Is it important to you that your college degree include a thorough grounding in the liberal arts?

  9. Do you believe it’s possible to turn your passion into a viable career?

At least 4 Yes Answers: possible future Gallatin student. Explore our site and consider attending an information session.  

1-3 Yes Answers: Explore our site and learn more about what Gallatin offers and how Gallatin works.
Contact us with any questions.