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Our network of active alumni volunteers forge critical professional connections that provide practical guidance in a wide variety of disciplines. You can support recent Gallatin alumni or current students by:

  • Becoming - or find! - a mentor or career contact
  • Hosting an intern
  • Sharing professional job postings and opportunities
  • Connecting with the Gallatin community on LinkedIn

Our alumni clubs across the U.S. host mentor programs, career mixers, and industry happy hours throughout the year to benefit alumni and current juniors and seniors. These programs foster learning through the experience and expertise of alumni, creating stronger bonds among all members of the Gallatin community.They also serve as a platform for practical guidance in a wide variety of disciplines, industries, and interests, reflecting Gallatin's commitment to a supportive and interdisciplinary model.

How does it work?

The separate programs and events will provide respective practical framework and guidance for various mentoring relationships. However, the nature and scope of the mentorship is determined by the participants themselves. Alumni mentors and alumni and student mentees could connect based on the following criteria:

• Similar student life experiences 
• Common Gallatin concentrations and coursework
• Shared career goals and ambitions 
• Volunteer work or special project interests

Once each participant accepts and makes contact, the direction of the mentorship is in the hands of the participants. Some relationships are based on résumé tips and finding jobs, whereas others pertain to the Gallatin colloquium or a particular NYU course.


All Gallatin alumni are encouraged to participate as mentors, career contacts, or share their experiences. These events and programs will provide alumni with the unique opportunity to offer expertise and advice by serving as invaluable resources on topics such as career paths, resumes, course selection, international perspectives and work/family guidance. In addition, alumni volunteers are encouraged to participate as experts in various panels, informational workshops and networking events at Gallatin.