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Midsemester Feedback

While faculty will receive a copy of their course evaluations, which are distributed at the end of each semester, many faculty prefer to receive feedback earlier.  One of the best ways to do that is to create your own midsemester evaluation.  Below are some format suggestions from the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE).

Stop, Keep, Start, (very quick feedback):

Ask students to write down one thing they would like you to stop doing, one thing they’d like you to keep doing, and one thing they’d like you to start doing.

Two short, open ended questions:

1. What’s helpful to your learning?
2. What suggestions do you have for change?

Two other, short, open ended questions:

1. How is the course going for you?
2. What would help make it a better learning experience for you?

Rate the course and explain the rating:

1. On a scale of 1-7, with 1 being low and 7 being high, how is the course going for you?
2. Why did you choose this number?

One more tip from CTE: after collecting the evaluation, at the next class thank students for the feedback, briefly address their comments, and tell them how things will be adjusted based on their suggestions.

Contact NYU's Center for the Advancement of Teaching.  The Center offers a variety of resources for instructors looking for feedback on their teaching, from do-it-yourself exercises to providing a consultant to observe your class and provide personal, confidential feedback.