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Academic Integrity

In an effort to promote clarity and fairness in addressing suspected cases of academic integrity violations, the Gallatin faculty approved the following guidelines in April 2011.

Gallatin students are expected to uphold the Gallatin School’s policy on Academic Integrity and Student Conduct.  Failure to uphold this policy will result in disciplinary measures in accordance with the Student Discipline and Grievance Rules of the Gallatin School.

To discourage incidences of plagiarism, Gallatin faculty should include in their syllabus either a link to the policy [], or the following statement which broadly defines plagiarism and its consequences: 

Academic Integrity

“As a Gallatin student you belong to an interdisciplinary community of artists and scholars who value honest and open intellectual inquiry. This relationship depends on mutual respect, responsibility, and integrity. Failure to uphold these values will be subject to severe sanction, which may include dismissal from the University.  Examples of behaviors that compromise the academic integrity of the Gallatin School include plagiarism, illicit collaboration, doubling or recycling coursework, and cheating.  Please consult the Gallatin Bulletin or Gallatin website [] for a full description of the academic integrity policy.”

Additionally, faculty are urged not to mention in their syllabi any particular consequences in the case of suspected plagiarism.  For example, please do not state that students who are caught plagiarizing will receive an automatic grade of F for the course.  Faculty who suspect students of plagiarism should follow the procedures outlined in section 4 of the Student Discipline and Grievance Rules of the Gallatin School.  The student discipline rules aim to make certain that suspected cases of plagiarism follow the same disciplinary process, regardless of the course or instructor.   Consistency in disciplinary actions ensures fairness in how the school deals with plagiarism.