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Washington Square Press’s Influential 2016

Annual Showcase of Top NYU Talent Includes Two Gallatin Students

Dec 15, 2016

Michael Frazier

Michael Frazier performing with the NYU Slam Team Photo: Audrey Lee

Gallatin seniors Michael Frazier and Tyler Benjamin were named to Washington Square Press’s Influential 2016, an annual list of ten students on the rise. In his dedication, WSP Managing Editor Bobby Wagner applauds the students named to the list for their love of their communities and their “ability to see the scope and impact” of their actions—both at NYU and on the global stage.  

Poet and activist Michael Frazier is Vice President of NYU’s Slam team, poetry editor for the Gallatin Review, and helped found the Radical Writers of Color Collective, a NYC-based group that brings together writers of color. Gallatin Student Council President Tyler Benjamin has been involved with student government at Gallatin during most of his undergraduate career and is co-founder and co-president of the NYU branch of the student-run nonprofit Consult Your Community.

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