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YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Awardees

Top awards for design and marketing go to two first-year Gallatin students

Jan 18, 2017

Selly Djap's Inspiration Board

Selly Djap's inspiration board for her award-winning design proposal

Gallatin first-year students Selly Djap (BA ’20) and Morgan Elaine Spencer (BA ’20) were chosen from a pool of 400 applicants and awarded 2017 YMA-FSF Awards in the amount of $5,000, courtesy of the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF). The FSF, whose mission is to identify and create career opportunities for young people worldwide, is the premier educational fashion nonprofit in the United States and the industry’s leading funding body for scholarships. Made up of notables from the fashion industry, the FSF partners annually with 60 colleges and universities across the United States to offer support and encouragement to young people pursuing careers in design, merchandising, retailing, and business. As part of their awards, Djap and Spencer will also be assigned a mentor in the fashion industry and be given a summer internship.

“This is a good starting point to explore my concentration in fashion and business,” says Djap, an international student from Indonesia. Her award honors the designs she created using a versatile fabric made of seaweed. To establish a color palette for her design, Djap found inspiration in the colors of the bullethead parrotfish that survives on this seaweed. Djap’s designs will be on the runway for this year’s Gallatin Fashion Show, which will be held in March 2017.

Morgan Elaine Spencer, a first-year student also concentrating in fashion and business, put together a winning proposal on how fashion behemoth Macy’s could successfully market a seller from Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce site, within their stores.

Djap, Spencer, and the other winners were honored during the Fashion Scholarship Fund Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards dinner, held on January 12 in New York City.