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Sheila Bandyopadhyay

MA '11 - Theater and Movement

When Sheila entered Gallatin after earning her BA from Brandeis University, she was an actor and movement specialist with teaching experience at Shakespeare & Company and Emerson College. Her goal at Gallatin was to develop her teaching techniques and expand her methodologies for creating physical performance. Her thesis, Truth Magnified: The Integration of Extraordinary Emotion and Physicality in the Theatrical Experience, explored the integration of actor training with ensemble-created new work to achieve a visually and emotionally provocative theater piece.

Her work has been seen in New York in venues such as the West End Theater and the 72nd St Theater Lab, as well as at the Minneapolis and Montreal Fringe Festivals. Her love of performing Shakespeare has inspired work with the New England Shakespeare Festival and Shakespeare East, among others. An AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, she is on the faculty of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and NYC's Linklater Center, where she teaches theater movement. After graduating, Sheila returned to Gallatin to serve as the movement and text coach for the 2011 production of Measure for Measure, directed by Kristin Horton.