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Bryan Farrell

MA '13 - Environmental Thought and Action

After earning his BA in journalism from Penn State in 2004, Bryan worked as a researcher for The Village Voice, The Nation, and Rolling Stone. He wrote on activism and environmental issues for Mother Jones, In These Times, and the Earth Island Journal, among other publications. In 2009, he started the news website Waging Nonviolence, which reports on actions, campaigns, and movements around the world.

At Gallatin, Bryan studied environmental thought and action, which included an independent study with Professor Stephen Duncombe called Creative Environmental Activism. “It allowed me to examine and practice the theories behind successful, media-savvy strategies and tactics,” says Bryan. His adviser was Professor Gene Cittadino, whose grounding in science and philosophy provided a balance to Bryan's activist-oriented approach. He continues to run Waging Nonviolence, which has gone from being a labor of love to a funded nonprofit news organization.