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Alice Lambert

BA Candidate - Dance, Literature, and Anatomy

Born and raised in Lyon, France, Alice has always balanced her academics with the practice of dance. Gallatin’s Interdisciplinary Arts Program and the Program’s commitment to supporting the artist-scholar have allowed Alice to consider how the arts and dance in particular, fuel and are fueled by society. Her concentration addresses how one can physically, mentally, and emotionally experience the world and impact audiences. She is interested in the ephemeral and visceral nature of dance and how it transcends language to inspire, heal, and change communities.

“I love Gallatin’s classes for how challenging, original, and intimate they are,” she says, “and have also enjoyed having access to many different colleges within NYU. But there’s something about creating your degree and courses, and about this unique interdisciplinary approach to education, which truly resembles the way the world functions and is invaluable to us as growing students and artists.”

Alice is the co-artistic director of the Dancers and Choreographers Alliance, a student-led club that presents the work of student and professional artists at the end of every semester. She has danced in DCA productions and has also danced in and choreographed two pieces, “In Comprehension” and “Nothing Is Lost,” for the 2015 and 2016 Gallatin Arts Festival. She is currently leading the Gallatin Dance Series, which offers free weekly ballet classes and dance workshops to Gallatin students.

Outside of NYU, Alice has interned at The Joyce Theater, understudied for Crystal Pite’s Polaris premiere at New York City Center in 2015, and performed Jinah Parker’s SHE at New York Live Arts in 2016. This semester, she is showcasing her work at the Hudson Guild Theater and at Movement Research.