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Jourdan Enriquez

BA '14 - Graphic Design and Marketing

Jourdan originally enrolled in NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences as a pre-med student, but she transferred to Gallatin at the end of her first year to study graphic design, new media, and marketing. Two classes have been particularly influential to her: Magazines: From Inspiration to Prototype and Innovations in Arts Publications, both taught by Professor Lise Friedman. In these courses, Jourdan learned what constitutes good design and the process of creating effective publications. Jourdan's innovative design that celebrates Chrysler Building graced the cover of the 10th-anniversary edition of the Literacy Review. She served as vice president of marketing for the Gallatin Design Collective, and traveled to NYU Abu Dhabi in the fall of 2014.

She is interested in pursuing a career as a graphic designer and eventually an art director, and is interested in earning an MFA. “I love the dedication of Gallatin professors to students’ academic and artistic growth,” says Jourdan, “not to mention the small class sizes and the self-motivated nature of a Gallatin degree.”